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SurfCT CEO Paul Vigario is Changing the Way Dentists and Surgeons Integrate Design and Technology

[New York, NY, July 28, 2022] – 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and other modern technologies are generating a massive boom within the dental and healthcare industries. When appropriately integrated with your new-office design, cutting-edge technology provides greater precision, repeatable success, and increased productivity within an office.

With two decades of specializing in healthcare technology and IT integration, visionary entrepreneur Paul Vigario knows first-hand the benefits that modern advancements can provide doctors. Vigario has made it his mission to provide seamless integration of technology into dental and healthcare office design across the globe. 

“What feels like wild innovation in dentistry and healthcare is here now,” says Vigario. “We have technology solutions at our fingertips to improve the lives of patients, but offices that were built 10 to 20 years ago are not designed to be automated or incorporate the latest technology.” 

Dental and healthcare professionals are tasked with navigating digital workflow, surgical and dental imaging, cloud technology, office and dental software, ergonomics, patient communication software; as well as specialized technology tools such as CAD/CAM, cone beam CT, digital X-rays, lasers, and more.  

“Dentists, surgeons, and healthcare providers are eager to provide patients with a great experience, but integrating technology in a way that feels smooth and fits their brand and aesthetic can feel impossible,” says Vigario. “It feels like trying to fit a square peg into the proverbial round hole. It can cause frustration and disappointment for both the doctor and patient. 

“We believe everything is connected, and doctors deserve an office where design and technology are aligned, so practicing dentistry and healthcare is enjoyable and productive. That’s why I founded SurfCT, so dentists and surgeons around the world can blend the latest in high-quality technology systems and achieve automation when everything is connected with the design and brand of their practice.”

Dr. Lindsey Marshall, a premier cosmetic and restorative dentist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a leader in advanced aesthetic dentistry who utilizes the connection between new office design and dental technology to deliver exceptional dental care. “After 20 years in my dental practice, I was ready to build out an office and provide a fresh start to carry me forward for the next 20 years,” says Marshall. “With 3D printing, robotics, and an in-house lab, there are so many things we can do to improve the patient experience. I have worked with multiple dental IT companies, and no one in the past had been able to execute my vision seamlessly.”

The reality is that dentists and healthcare providers cannot deliver a world-class patient experience without keeping design, technology and systems integration top of mind. Removing the friction between design, technology, and systems better equips doctors to meet the needs of the patient. This increase in productivity allows more time to focus on fostering stronger patient relationships, which is the major motivating factor in the patient’s decision to invest in their overall health.

“When I met Paul, he understood that connection is on every level beyond technology in a practice,” says Marshall. “The technology and support that SurfCT provided, from integrating TVs and iPads, to coordinating everything we do electronically and virtually with patients put us in the best position to succeed where we are prepared to serve existing and new patients with ease.

“SurfCT showed me what’s possible. My new office represents my vision, aesthetic, seamlessly integrates the design and technology I want, and creates space for an amazing patient experience.”

Providing education about the recent paradigm shift towards high-tech solutions in the dental and healthcare industries, SurfCT continues to bridge the gap between vision, office design, brand and technology. 

“Living in a digital world is fascinating because we can build systems to get where we want with our businesses much faster,” said Vigario in a lecture to the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine Digital Technology Study Club, Club CAD. “Millennials will pay for experiences. This includes ambience, temperature, lighting, and aesthetic, even the chairs. When design and technology are connected it just feels better and builds patient trust when a patient isn’t staring at exposed cords and wires, mismatched computers, and technology that is physically located in a space that wasn’t designed for it,” said Vigario. 

Having helped more than 12,000 dental practices across the nation, Vigario is fueled by a passion to share the advances in technology innovation. He is an international speaker, advisor, technology systems designer, and consultant to renowned dental professionals, numerous dental groups and companies, dental schools, and universities. 

SurfCT creates success for dentists and surgeons by blending design and technology with practice automation. To automate a practice, you must understand design, IT, workflow, treatment philosophies, brand and technology and how they all come together in a complete system,” says Vigario.    

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About SurfCT

SurfCT is a full-service dental and elective healthcare-focused IT company that connects your vision, design, technology, and treatment philosophies to elevate your brand and life. specializes in network integration and digital workflow of dental and medical offices at the highest level. The company, which has several offices throughout the US, provides unbiased IT consulting to thousands of dental and medical offices across the globe and works with its doctors to provide seamless integration of systems designed around their individual goals and vision. is at the forefront of dental and medical technology and understands the fully connected version of what healthcare offices in the future and present should look like. They are experts in system design, practice automation, 3D printing, digital workflow, imaging, cloud technology, software, ergonomics, integration, system process, front office systems, clinical treatment systems, mobile connectivity, hardware, and offer ongoing world-class technical support. They have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, and have been recognized by top professionals and top doctors as the leading provider of healthcare IT services and IT systems. To learn more, visit or on Instagram @SurfCTcom.

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When it came time for Dr. Lindsey Marshall (left) to redesign her dental practice, she turned to Paul Vigario, founder and CEO of SurfCT, (right) who showed her how to create a space – seamlessly integrating high technology with appealing design – for an amazing patient experience.

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