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Hims vs. Roman vs. Nu Image Medical – Which Men’s Health Supplements are Best for You?

Over the past several years, telehealth services have become more popular than ever. Driven by the power of the internet, they provide unparalleled affordability and convenience, as well as another key benefit: discretion.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many men feel shame or embarrassment for natural conditions. Nobody wants other people to know that they suffer from erectile dysfunction, hair loss, or premature ejaculation. With telehealth, there’s a barrier of technology between the patient and the doctor. These issues are simply more comfortable to discuss over a phone or video conference than they are in person. The advancement of telehealth means more men are now comfortable getting help for these conditions than they were in the past. 

Hims and Roman are two of the biggest brands on the block, and Nu Image Medical is an up-and-coming contender. Let’s compare the three, and see how they stack up.


Hims is famous for its wide selection of hair loss products. In addition to popular treatments like minoxidil and finasteride, they also offer thickening shampoo that plumps up the appearance of existing hair and makes it appear richer. They also offer chewable gummy supplements that supply key nutrients that are essential for hair growth. You can order any of these products individually, or spring for a four-pack that you receive in the mail monthly.

Hims also offers multiple treatments for erectile dysfunction. You can order the famous blue pill in its brand name form, or you can save money on generic Viagra. You can also receive brand-name Cialis or generic tadalafil, which is the same thing. Or, you can order Stendra. Cialis and generic tadalafil are available by prescription. Viagra, generic Viagra, and Stendra are available only by the dose.


Roman’s hair loss offerings are a little more limited than Hims. You can order a topical minoxidil cream at the same 5% concentration. Finasteride pills are also available in the same dosage, so they’re essentially the same products. That said, Roman doesn’t sell any thickening shampoo or gummy vitamins; only medication.

Roman also takes a similar approach to ED remedies, but with fewer offerings than Hims. You can order Viagara and generic Viagara, as well as brand-name Cialis. But you cannot order taladafil or Stendra.

On the plus side, Roman sells a wider variety of dosages. While Hims only offers a single dosage of each of their medications, Roman offers five dosage options for Viagara and generic Viagara.

Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical takes a different approach to men’s health supplements. Instead of providing the same off-the-shelf products as other companies, Nu Image Medical’s supplements are created specifically for their company. They have their own team of doctors and pharmacists who create their compounds right here in the United States. Staff quality assurance pharmacists ensure that everything is up to laboratory standards.

Nu Image Medical tests new medications as they become available, then creates its own formulas that are designed to synergize with its existing products. They spend several months testing each of their new formulas, and nothing becomes available to the public until its safety and effectiveness have been thoroughly evaluated.

Unlike Hims and Roman, Nu Image Medical isn’t just for men. It’s true that most of their products are related in some way to male hormones. But they also have some products that can help women in the bedroom. And several of their weight loss and vitamin supplements are equally suitable for men and women. This gives Nu Image Medical even more room for growth in the future.

CEO Andreas Dettlaff summed it up well when he said, “Our ability to create these custom compounded products that are in multiple wellness categories really sets us apart from anyone else because we’re creating medications and compounds that assist a multitude of health and wellness issues for individuals.”

Hims, Roman, and Nu Image Medical all offer a range of men’s health supplements. Hims offers multiple products for hair loss and erectile dysfunction, while Roman offers fewer products but a wider variety of dosages. Nu Image Medical creates custom compounds for its clients and offers a mix of products for both men and women. When it comes to men’s health supplements, Nu Image Medical offers an advantage as all its products are specifically tailored to the individual. This means that they can be more effective than off-the-shelf solutions from other companies. Pair that with the fact that the company spends a lot of time and resources on testing its products before they are made available to the public to ensure they’re safe and effective makes Nu Image Medical a force to be reckoned with.

Be Mindful & Avoid Anxiety Using Breathing at Work

Workplace anxiety is common; over 40% of Americans say they are stressed at work. Getting the job done can be daunting for most people, which is why many people suffer from excessive concern about a variety of work-related issues. Work stress can be positive, and is even normal, however high anxiety, on the other hand, has a negative impact on a person’s general health and can cause problems in both personal and professional life. 

In an interview with Jean Fallacarra, a renowned serial entrepreneur, scientist, and athlete, known for his contribution to the health, fitness and wellness industry through his startup Cyborggainz Neuroscience Calisthenics, we unraveled the benefits of how being mindful can result in reduced anxieties and greater productivity. 

It’s no news that the post-Covid-19 effects and social justice issues have further added to the anxiety that many of us experience on a daily basis, and studies show that this stress is preventing us from doing our best work. According to research, different emotions are linked to different types of breathing, therefore changing how we breathe can affect how we feel. When you’re happy, for example, your breathing will be regular, deep, and slow. Your breathing will be erratic, short, rapid, and shallow if you are anxious or furious. Basically, when you follow breathing patterns linked with various emotions, you will start to feel those emotions as well.

Deep breathing is categorized as one of the best ways to lower stress in the body.  What Fallacara adds to this is that being conscious can aid in the development of deep breathing techniques – which is often called mindful breathing. The positive effects of mindfulness-based breathing techniques have sparked a burgeoning corpus of scientific research into the psychological processes that underpin them. A number of research studies have concluded that practicing mindfulness meditation is linked to improved performance on a variety of cognitive activities.

This mindfulness entails observing your emotions and what’s going on in your body without assigning a positive or negative label to it. Now what this does is that it gives the person the liberty to explore the emotions personally without altering elements such as judgment. It allows a person to come to a conclusion that is unadulterated and a result of all the pros and cons. It’s a well-known fact that an anxiety-ridden mind tends to dwell towards simple and ‘present’ solutions. But what deep breathing does is that it eliminates the entire idea giving the person space to understand the situation without any bias.

A firm advocate and practitioner of Mindful Breathing Techniques, Fallacara lastly highlights how not only did this help him overcome the hurdles in his life but it also gave him the power to make better decisions, which honestly he would have missed before. Fallacara claims that stress management and resiliency provided him with the tools he needed to put his failed alarm system to rest and live a better life while maturing through life-altering transformations – in which Mindful breathing techniques definitely played an integral role. 

ourHealth Is a Major Step Toward Accessible Black Health

Only recently, a second-year medical student was lauded for creating a handbook of the appearance of clinical signs of medical disorders on black and brown skin. There are numerous medical literatures on the internet, but considering that these are typically on fair-skinned people, manifestations specific to Black people are largely unaddressed. 

ourHealth is a social community and streaming platform created by 30-year-old medical professional Eric Chiyembezeka to address the growing concern of health inequality in the United States. Eric had been in charge of health centers for underserved communities, and his exposure to their conditions only served to support his observation that health information resources for Black people are severely lacking. 

It is undeniable that while healthcare has been improving in many aspects, non-white minorities continue to draw the short straw and receive suboptimal care. Thus, ourHealth was created and is directed towards making resources pertaining to Black health available and easily accessible to people everywhere.

It is a medical fact that the Black Community is disproportionately afflicted by various chronic conditions, and disparities continue to grow as a result of unaddressed social determinants of health. ourHealth operates with the purpose of bringing the Black Community together to create a unified pool of resources on a variety of subjects, including medical health care, mental health, and lifestyle. This mobile app strives to make life better for many Black people by aggregating all resources and information that are accurate and culturally appropriate in a single, accessible place.

It is the first-ever standalone, Black health community and streaming platform created and owned by Black people. Aiming to create an all-Black team of creators and influencers, ourHealth has begun creating partnerships. Today, there are numerous Black health influences scattered across many social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These influencers are a massive contributor to the diversity of internet pop culture, and they are a valuable source of reliable Black health information.

Still, this kind of setup means that resources from these influencers are scattered across networks as well. ourHealth hopes to bring these all together in a single site, and its dedication to increasing access to reliable information will drastically improve many of the Black population’s lives as it continues to grow and gain popularity.

ourHealth aggregates health information that people need the most. Black health is not widely covered or addressed on most platforms, and the health outcomes of Black people are the poorest of any group in the country. These concerns will be addressed by the Community by creating content that is informative, reliable, and easily digestible. Such content will also be culturally appropriate, as they will be created specifically for members of the Black population.

The streaming component of the ourHealth Community will produce fresh content weekly. In actively partnering with video content creators and Black health influencers, it also brings a significant advantage in monetization. Black creators and influencers on social media typically find a disadvantage in monetizing their reach due to the unconducive algorithms. ourHealth TV addresses this by operating on a subscription model that will allow them to pay royalties for each unique view on their videos at an extremely competitive rate.

With the slogan “This is all about our health…period,” all of the ourHealth team’s efforts are geared toward providing a service that will bring a wealth of health and wellness benefits to Black people in the United States. 

Health should not be a privilege, but a fundamental human right to be enjoyed by all. As such, all people should have access to reliable sources of healthcare information to improve their quality of life. Find out more about ourHealth and how they improve Black lives by visiting their website.

Fit Forte: Unique Workouts for Everyone

Different body types react differently to specific types of workouts. Most women tend to prefer a type of workout that is suited to their personal physical abilities and strength. While all workouts generally require a certain level of physical endurance, there are those that target specific parts of the body without forcing the muscles, such as Barre Forte. 

Barre Forte is a low-impact workout that is popular as cross-training used by athletes that prevents injuries, improves performance, and builds endurance. The workout follows foundational principles of barre by first isolating, overloading, and stretching each muscle group in the body, one at a time. The result is an overwhelming body transformation that gives individuals a leaner and stronger physique. 

The first Barre Forte studio by Nadia Walker was opened in Denver in 2012. It now has 12 locations and is effectively helping women become more confident about their bodies and overall well-being. In the beginning, Barre Forte’s exercises may appear overwhelming and intimidating to new participants. Its design, however, makes room for beginners who have no prior training or experience in working out. The workout focuses on form and improving one’s body composition by carefully executing each unique movement. What interests many participants is that each class is uniquely choreographed, so they’ll never take the same class twice!

In 2018, Walker added trampoline (aka rebounding) classes at her studio. Not only does rebounding offer many benefits, but it is also designed to be a fun workout. The fusion class developed by Walker, Bar(re)bound™, is an ideal balance of cardio and toning/strengthening. 

A perfect complement to barre, the use of a trampoline intends to improve one’s body alignment and posture. Not only does rebounding result in a high rate of calories burned, but it also detoxifies the body in the process. Both rebounding and barre are proven to improve stability, overall balance, agility, and core strength. Just like barre (and unlike most cardio workouts), rebounding is low-impact, meaning significantly less stress on the joints. Rebounding also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and achieve a high metabolic rate. Ten minutes of rebounding is equivalent to running for 30 minutes. Walker has found that the overall effect on women is remarkable. Her clients have more energy and stamina for what they need to do at work and for their respective families, possess younger-looking skin, and express an increased sense of happiness overall. 

It is Walker’s dream to see women have a better appreciation of themselves as they work toward living healthier lives and sporting healthier bodies. This year, Walker also launched an online platform: Fit Forte. Its catalogue includes rebound, barre, and dance-based classes. The workouts can easily be done in the comforts of one’s home with recorded classes that are available online for a fee. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Barre Forte and Fit Forte are expected to reach a wider number of subscribers. Fit Forte even has bounce classes specifically designed for kids, so the whole family can enjoy all that the online platform has to offer! Learn more about Barre Forte by visiting its website. For more information on Fit Forte, visit this site.

‘Fast Response Unit’ and Its Fast Response to the Needs of Frontline Workers Amid Global Health Crisis

With the emergence of COVID-19 looming in all parts of the world, people, businesses, and organizations have rushed to countless stores to purchase protective equipment. While some were able to acquire these materials despite the imbalance between high demand and limited supply, others, especially frontline workers, have found it difficult to procure these precautionary gears.

True enough, this global health crisis has become a challenging time for everyone. But for frontliners, it is the time when they fight for both of the world’s safety and of their own. And with the demand for protective equipment still maintaining its position at a skyrocketing point, a company called Fast Response Unit rose to the challenge.

Dedicated to releasing the world from the shackles of COVID-19, Fast Response Unit serves as a facilitative tool to the most pressing needs of frontline workers who bravely fight for their lives every day to face the virus.

True to their brand, Fast Response Unit is a company that provides quick and viable solutions to the people’s most urgent needs. Due to the pandemic’s exigencies, the acquisition of protective gear has become a challenge, not to mention with the added fear of jacked up prices. This then led to a desperate cry from frontline workers – specifically from the healthcare sector, the government, and large companies. That is why from this circumstance, the Fast Response Unit took it upon itself to directly source protective equipment ranging from face masks and face shields to personal protective equipment and testing kits without breaking their clients’ banks.

Stretching from diverse corners of the world through its bases in China, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, the Fast Response Unit has proven worthy of its stellar reputation during these trying times. Because of how extensive the company’s coverage is, it has expanded its noble pursuits to several countries around the world. Currently, the Fast Response Unit is helping Latin America secure large amounts of testing kits from the most reputable sources across the globe.

Being at the forefront of answering to the needs of this pandemic’s most valuable workers, Fast Response Unit owes much of its efficacy to the excellence of the team behind the company. Apart from the brilliance of their directors – Gunther Gabbert, Ricardo Gomez, Fabian Gonzalez, Dario Sotomayor, and Josue Roman – the diverse composition underneath the cloak of Fast Response Unit fuels the whole enterprise. The team strategically includes factories, custom agents, manufacturing companies, air, and sea logistics, executive and political consultants, quality inspections, and more. This is to ensure that the goods being sourced safely arrive and comply with specific quality controls, on-time shipping, and customs requirements.

In the months to come, Fast Response Unit hopes to deliver more long-term projects and solutions that could help rid of COVID-19 completely. As this dreaded circumstance approaches the second half of 2020, the company has been able to secure large commodity contracts that Fast Response Unit believes to be crucial after the health crisis.

During these hard times, it is only appropriate for companies to look for ways to contribute to the world’s healing, instead of creating more avenues for increasing wealth. With this in mind, Fast Response Unit hopes to become a model for other companies and organizations to encourage them to take a more subservient path.

To learn more about the Fast Response Unit, you may visit their website.

How Barefoot Rehab Is Alleviating Chronic Pain With Revolutionary Non-Surgical Options

Leading healthcare professional Dr. Chris Stepien is shedding light on one of the most common but least-talked-about causes of chronic pain: adhesion. This widespread problem is the focus of his clinic. Barefoot Rehab is a premier chronic pain relief clinic in Denville, New Jersey.

Adhesion in the body acts like glue, causing muscles to be both tight and weak where no amount of stretching or strengthening can help. Not many chronic pain sufferers know about this. Thankfully, patients can achieve significant permanent relief after getting it checked by an integrative diagnosis doctor.

Barefoot Rehab is the result of Dr. Chris Stepien’s revolutionary test-treat-retest methodology model for chronic pain resolution. Using this method, Barefoot Rehab can promise chronic pain sufferers noticeable permanent pain relief in 1 to 5 treatments. Within a matter of minutes, specialists at Barefoot Rehab can find and remove adhesion in their patient’s body, which is sometimes recognized as scar tissue.

The clinic’s cutting-edge technology allows Dr. Chris to check his work to see progress as it is made. This means that patients can see faster and more permanent progress than any treatment they have had before.

Before settling in New Jersey, Dr. Chris Stepien was in active practice in New York for over a decade. There, he was well-known for his innovative and steadfast approach to the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal injuries with coexisting depression, guilt, shame, anxiety, and emotional suffering. His medical breakthrough has alleviated chronic pain for countless patients all over the country.

Dr. Chris graduated with honors from Franklin & Marshall College, where he received his degree in biology. He earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from the esteemed New York Chiropractic College. In his younger years, he had an active career in football. He was the captain of his college football team and its MVP in 2005. He also received the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team Award in 2005. His sports career—and all the sports-related injuries and body aches he has suffered—helped him understand further the proper functions of the musculoskeletal system and the systems behind injury prevention/rehabilitation.

On the flip side, his personal life has been a long battle with anxiety and depression. Dr. Chris has admitted that sometimes, it’s difficult for him to get motivated and find any reason to get out of bed. What helps him get by is his ultimate goal of helping others live life pain-free, healthy, and flourishing in happiness. Among 6,000 other chiropractors in New Jersey, his clinic is the only one that relieves chronic pain through non-surgical manual adhesion removal. 

One of Barefoot Rehab’s many goals is to help diminish the effects of the opioid epidemic. In his career, Dr. Chris has seen countless people succumb to their addictions because of unnecessary medications that only complicated their conditions. Barefoot Rehab is the only clinic in the country with non-surgical manual adhesion removal specialists. Their four specialists have given countless chronic pain sufferers permanent pain relief without shots, drugs, or surgery.

To add to their non-surgical wellness treatments, the clinic is working toward a “wholeness center” that treats patients with energy healing, shamanism, psychotherapy, and functional medicine to round out their root problems. Dr. Chris plans to greatly expand their services to be able to cater to even more patients.

Read more about Barefoot Rehab on their website

Wellness Authority The Tox LA Introduces the Power of Lymphatic Drainage Strategy, The Tox Technique

People often underestimate the effect of what they eat to their overall wellbeing. The box of donuts, gas station coffee, and that one serving of instant ramen contribute to the waste and toxins that accumulate in one’s body, putting organs to work to filter out toxins. And even for the healthiest of eaters, there will still be a point when vital organs are placed in too much pressure and must, therefore, be given a reprieve before they break down and facilitate the appearance of illnesses. 

The Tox LA, a woman-led venture that has emerged as a leader in the lymphatic drainage industry, provides that reprieve for people by offering a combination of different modalities designed to detoxify the body from inside out. This health-oriented venture was developed by Courtney Yeager, a powerhouse in multiple industries that served as an icon of inspiration, most notably to other female entrepreneurs.

As an overworked mom and entrepreneur behind many successful brands, Courtney was in the lookout for a natural detox method that could help regulate her digestive system. After countless long hours of thorough research, she bumped into the fact that the lymphatic system is immensely understudied and underrated in the United States. This discovery sparked her commitment to bringing lymphatic health awareness to the consciousness of the masses, kicking off the impact that her signature wellness move, The Tox Technique, would cause. 

The Tox Technique is a proven way to detoxify the body and to improve health through the involvement of the lymphatic system. This unique body technique not only alleviates excessive water retention, but it also gives the person an overall leaner look. 

By regulating and stimulating the various bodily networks of tissues and organs, such as the immune system and digestive system, this specific treatment gives the body the rest that it needs.

The health impact of The Tox LA can now be enjoyed by more areas as this LA-based wellness enabler has expanded to more cities. Courtney’s brainchild can be found in three more locations, namely in New York City, Miami, and The Bay Area. And in the coming year, it is also set to cater to more clients looking to see improvements in their health with a whopping ten more branches to be opened. 

Ever since its establishment, The Tox has served as the go-to treatment place for women and men of all shapes and sizes and from different walks of life. It is also known for being a celebrity hotspot, and anyone who visits any of the four Tox locations may run into today’s hottest personalities. 

Recently, The Tox LA released its full lymphatic health product line. It consists of various beneficial items, such as drainage lotions and massage creams, as well as patches, caffeinated face masks, brushes, scents, and contour paddles. 

With its provision of the best form of lymphatic drainage, The Tox will continue to take pride in its core service in the upcoming years. And while Courtney and her company improve the health of every person that comes under the roof of The Tox, they will also remain as advocates of lymphatic health awareness and the ways people could better take care of themselves physically.

Know more about The Tox LA by visiting its website and Instagram page.

Disinfection Tech Expert ‘Supreme Sterile’ Emphasizes Takes Hygiene and Sanitation to Another Level

2020 has marked the beginning of a new normal in the lives of people worldwide with the outbreak of COVID-19, encouraging a new set of behaviors on hygiene and sanitation. Masks, for example, used to be a symbol of sickness, and those wearing them are frowned upon because of the connotations they hold. Nowadays, the reality is different — people who are not wearing one could prove to be walking carriers of the virus. 

Cleaning and sanitization also used to be underrated, but people have now learned how essential they are to keep safe and healthy. Supreme Sterile, Corp, a hospital-grade sterilizing company, wants to emphasize, however, that the usual methods of cleaning are no longer enough. Homeowners, drivers, and those owning business offices must take cleaning to another level by making sure that spaces are sterile enough to the point that germs are non-existent. 

This provider of home, vehicle, and commercial sterilization was established by a twenty-year-old biology student, Emanuel Arias. Emanuel is currently taking up biological sciences at Florida International University and banked on the teachings of his father, who managed to start his own venture at the age of twenty, to start a much-needed enterprise in the middle of the pandemic. 

Supreme Sterile offers disinfection and sterilization for all forms of private and commercial real estate and vehicles, ensuring that heavily trafficked areas are virus-free. It combines the power of the best disinfectant on the market, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), with the immensely efficient technology of electrostatic spray to prevent the spread of viral diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers FDA-approved HOCI as an ideal disinfectant due to several factors. Not only is it eighty times more efficient than chlorine bleach, but it is also eco-friendly and non-toxic. And because of its alcohol-free, non-inflammable nature, HOCI will not leave traces of any unpleasant smell or sticky residue.

Electrostatic spraying is a technology with a history of more than sixty years in agriculture, automotive, and tanning industries. And Supreme Sterile has capitalized on its utility to spray disinfectant in less time and with better coverage compared to traditional cleaning methods. What makes electrostatic spraying more effective, as well, is the way it uniformly coats disinfectant-sprayed objects and covers areas that are hard to reach.

Supreme Sterile, which started as a manifestation of Emanuel’s passion for medicine and desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, has now emerged as a reliable institution within the industry. A few weeks after its creation, it managed to acquire a lucrative contract and is set to build more partnerships in the future as it helps in making spaces clean and livable. 

Its founder, Emanuel, plans to graduate from medical school. And all the while, he has no intention of stopping his provision of sterilization services, knowing that other dangerous human pathogens — most likely new and more dangerous ones — could crop up. 

More importantly, Emanuel and Supreme Sterile will remain committed to educating the population about the importance of disinfection and observing a clean and virus-free lifestyle. 

 Know more about Supreme Sterile Corporation by visiting its website and Instagram page. 

From Farm Boy to Fitness Master: How Nicholas Poulin Built His Luxury Wellness Club

Nicholas Poulin is known in New York City as the best private trainer and founder of the exclusive Poulin Health & Wellness Club. His company is arguably the best fitness club in NYC, with luxury amenities and wellness philosophy that banks on the latest science and fitness techniques that are at the forefront of health science. However, only a few people know of the fitness expert’s beginning as a farm boy and the story of how he built his wellness club from the ground up.

Nicholas grew up on a farm. From a young age, he was involved in many activities on a farm, which was his introduction to the realm of physical fitness. Farm activities are known to be laborious and physically demanding; one must be strong, quick, and agile to keep up with the work.

At 19, he made the life-changing decision to leave all he had ever known and move to New York City to carve out a career in fitness. This was one of the most challenging things he had ever done. To build the career that he so desired, he had to work 90 hours a week for several years, paying his dues and diligently studying physical anatomy and the science behind fitness.

His big break came in an opportunity to work with several business moguls in New York City. These wealthy and powerful tycoons valued his holistic approach to fitness and his focus on hospitality. He made sure to give each person his undivided attention, positivity, and privacy. Since then, he has worked with several titans of the world, traveling with them on business trips and training with them in a private facility or their estate.

He has had the pleasure of working with industry leaders such as Martha Macmillan, James Robinson III, Roy Zuckerberg, George Soros, Edward Knight, and Lisa Pritzker.

Nicholas established Poulin Health & Wellness as a members-only club for the business moguls of New York City, giving them accessibility to privacy and unparalleled results that they deserve. He developed a revolutionary customizable personal training program using machine exercises, calisthenic exercises, and free weights to help his clients reach their goals. His workout program was designed to help you achieve maximum gains while minimizing injuries. 

His professional background in pain medicine and rehabilitation, combined with his stellar reputation for exceeding expectations, has earned him partnerships with Four Seasons Hotel, The Center For Preventative Medicine, and several sought-after physicians.

Nicholas is a member of the International Sports Science Association, where he is a noted corrective exercise specialist. He is certified at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has conducted over 3,000 assessments. With his experience, he has seen countless health problems heal with the help of consistent weight training and stretching. Nicholas prides himself on striving for a pain-free life in his members. He has worked with many clients suffering from problems with bone density, atrophy, shoulder pain, and knee pain, whose physical ailments have all vanished with his training.

His career has gifted him with invaluable lessons that he eagerly shares with anyone striving to build their own empire. He enjoys acting as a motivational coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. His experience in health has made him passionate about volunteering and raising money for cancer, which he does on behalf of his younger sister, aunt, and grandmother. Nicholas hopes that his story can become an inspiration for all the farm boys in their small towns who want to make it big in the city.

Read more about New York City’s most exclusive wellness club on the Poulin Healthcare website.

Health Program Happi Health Values Wellness through Education

Health should always have been one of everyone’s greatest concerns, even before the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, it was only when this life-threatening virus came about when many finally learned to put their well-being first. This newfound meaning and significance toward health were strengthened by the establishment of necessary information drives, initiatives, and campaigns by governments and institutions around the world to help protect citizens from the deadly virus. 

Education is crucial, even sans a pandemic. It plays a massive role in one of the biggest hurdles in our lives—to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Staci Whitman, the founder of health program Happi health, understands this.

Happi Health was born out of Dr. Staci’s passion for wellness and how she wishes to share her knowledge in the subject to as many people as possible. She is a doctor of dental medicine and a certified health coach by the Institute of Integrative Health. Dr. Staci combines her two expertise for her patients in Happi Heath, providing families and children with a holistic full-body health program. 

The program includes initiatives focused on various subjects such as mouth and tooth health, airway intervention guidance, pacifier, and thumb-sucking programs, meal planning and nutritional guidance, parental support and lifestyle tips, tailored hygiene instructions for personal improvements, among others. Happi Health also provides its patients access to numerous educational materials, as well as discounted supplements and products.

Dr. Staci is a board-certified pediatric dentist and a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She became an alumnus of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry in 2012 and is also involved in other organized dentistry groups, such as the Board in Multnomah Dental Society and Oregon Dental Association, among others. She was also the president of the Oregon Association of Pediatric Dentistry and is a Breathe Institute ambassador. Currently, she is enrolled in the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, where she is set to graduate with her naturopathic dental certification in 2021.

“Happi Health’s approach to health and wellness is the first of its kind and is a practice that just makes sense,” she shares. “My passion is to educate people to feel empowered over their own well-being, and I believe diet is the key to overall health.” The health coach believes that by finding the root causes of diseases, people are better equipped to make holistic recommendations to help guide individuals in achieving optimal health. 

Happi Health’s holistic care means looking at the body as a whole—mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially—and understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health. According to Dr. Staci, everything in one’s body is connected; while a patient is feeling mainly physical pain, this pain could be a result of another part of the body needing attention, she elaborates.

Her current practice on promoting education for overall wellness gained traction when she transitioned into a functional, holistic pediatric dental practice. The doctor’s office started getting calls and appointments from patients across the United States and even from other countries. It was at this time that she realized that there was a considerable demand and necessity for a service dedicated toward increasing awareness on health and well-being, along with prevention information. 

Dr. Staci is eager to reach more and more people every day. She has her sights set on widening her reach to educate more people and help bring about positive changes to their lifestyles. She plans to launch books in the future, which will be geared toward helping parents, families, and communities value oral health and overall wellness. Dr. Staci shares, “My whole passion is education. I enjoy dentistry, but I truly love spreading educational information and tools.” 

According to the health coach, people tend to get overwhelmed when talking about whole-body health. Thus, she hopes that she could be instrumental in sharing easy to grasp information that people could bring home, share with their families, and apply to their lifestyles.

For more information on Happi Health and Doctor Staci, visit their website and Instagram.