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Health and Fitness Authority Whitney Johns on Championing a Holistic Approach

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The fitness space is undoubtedly one of the most successful enterprises across the globe. After all, many people believe that keeping fit can help them have a strong and healthy body. But on the other side of the spectrum, the industry can also perpetuate some severe and unhealthy practices that go against the very advocacy that it promotes. Cognizant of this, the intuitive Whitney Johns has founded a venture that champions a holistic and more sustainable health and fitness journey.

The entrepreneur and bonafide fitness enthusiast has been with the fitness scene for more than a decade. She is also the brilliant mind behind Find Your Fit With Whit, a tight-knit community with a shared passion for following a healthier and more sensible path to achieving their body goals. Unlike other brands that solely concentrate on accomplishing results in the least possible time, the brand does not believe in excessive methods such as crash diets or overexercising. 

What pushed Whitney Johns to the industry is her firsthand experience with chronic pain, mental health issues, and gut problems. In her quest for a cure, she was introduced to the dynamic world of fitness. Before long, she became involved in the competitive fitness world. However, she also saw that the inspiring fitness space could quickly become harmful under extreme circumstances. 

She explained, “It’s the fitness industry, but there, I saw so many unhealthy things being taught and measures that people were going through that were damaging their metabolism and damaging their hormones. And I actually experienced a lot of that as well. So, I made it my mission to find how we can come from more of a holistic side of things to really nourish our bodies and have that longevity.”

The insightful entrepreneur knew that exercising and dieting are simply not enough to achieve lasting and holistic health. Guided by this realization, she has created an exceptional line of supplements. They are not the same as the pre-workout protein or fat burners typically available on the market. Instead, they address essential aspects of one’s health, including mental and gut health.

Whitney Johns has undoubtedly demonstrated her unrivaled expertise when it comes to all things fitness, health, and wellness. As such, the visionary entrepreneur remains committed to her goal of finding innovative ways to accomplish sustainable results. After all, she knows how crucial it is to ensure that all the hard work one does will not go to waste. 

Moving forward, the industry authority aims to continue growing her brand and expand her horizons, still with holistic health at the top of her priority. She also intends to continue championing the importance of a lifestyle change and educate more people about the significance of employing a holistic approach to health and fitness. 

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