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Ludovica Set to Perform With Trina in El Reno, Oklahoma to Send Across Powerful Messages of Hope to Her Listeners

To make a name for oneself across a highly competitive trade, such as the music industry, one must have compelling reasons to secure coveted positions at their summits. Some may draw inspiration from gaining the ability to generate wealth or gain fame, while others find strength in possessing the power to drive change, spark action, and impact lives. Aspirants anywhere have to contend with the harsh reality that not everyone can translate visions into reality. So long as one has cemented their purpose in their pursuits, success is within arm’s reach for dreamers and go-getters from all walks of life.

In the case of Ludovica, one of the industry’s must-watch forces, the capacity to send across powerful messages to individuals and communities has served as a fuel for this powerhouse to climb towards the pinnacles of greatness.

Born in Italy, Ludovica is an independent singer, songwriter, and creator who is widely recognized not only for her melodious voice and distinctive artistry but also for her impressive ability to use her platform as an instrument of change. On a mission to transcend limitations and defy odds, this multifaceted go-getter is setting the bar high for other artists.

Unlike other artists in the industry, Ludovica is highly known for her incredible capacity to empower others through her voice. While other musicians highlight their craft as a medium for self-expression, this artist focuses on music’s ability to send powerful messages across the world. With 26 years of experience, Ludovica has made it her mission to use her rapidly emerging platform to restore the willpower of her listeners across the world.

On a mission to become a beacon of strength for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, Ludovica is proud to announce that she is set to perform in El Reno, Oklahoma, on April 24. “I look forward to seeing my songbirdz out there cheering and chanting,” she shared. “I am sure it will be an incredible show,” she added. Ludovica will open for Trina, the first female rapper she has opened for throughout her career. The performance will be set much like a festival, and it is projected to have 30,000 concertgoers. 

In the coming years, Ludovica aims to go on an official world tour while releasing a wide variety of albums and studio projects. With her impeccable talents and distinctive artistry, she is bound to take the industry by storm.

Given her passion-driven spirit, Ludovica is expected to reach impressive heights in the years to come. Her opening performance with Trina is only the beginning of what is set to be one of the most promising careers across the industry. By continuously unveiling her plans one step at a time, this powerhouse is bound to set the bar high, inspiring aspirants to move forward.

Kanashii’s Rapid Rise to Stardom for the Second Time Around

The hip-hop artist and songwriter Arthur Sanchez has come out of his hiatus with a comeback even stronger than ever as he reinvents himself as his new identity: Kanashii. Since he started professionally recording music at 12 years old, he has continually grown and evolved his remarkable brand of music. He has now masterfully refined it to appeal to both millennials and generation Z.

Kanashii was born Arturo Macias Sanchez on the 28th of August, 1997. The year 1997 happens to be the first year of gen Z, and as such, he grew up with elements of both millennials and gen Z. Growing up with these elements allowed him to connect his music with both generations. This Mexican-American native of the San Francisco Bay Area integrates native hip-hop and Latin trap in his unique mix of diverse styles and flows specially catered to their taste.

His music journey began at four years old, as his family fostered a deep love for music in him. The value of money was instilled in him at an early age as well, and he started taking odd jobs and saving up. That money went toward the first step of achieving his dream of becoming a music artist. In UGMX Studios in San Jose, California, he recorded his first song as LilAmMusic, titled “I’ve Been Watching You.” The release of the track was through SoundCloud and other social media platforms.

The path to success is not straightforward, as is the experience of the next big hit as he climbs his way back to fame for the second time around. An unfortunate turn of events in late 2013 brought a sudden, grinding halt to his rapid rise to fame, as his grief and devastation over his grandfather’s death resulted in his decision to take a break from music. Five years passed, and 2018 brought the much-anticipated revival of LilAmMusic as Arthur Sanchez, and later as Kanashii, with a sharper focus and a stronger approach to music.

As if the world had been waiting for it, his return quickly gained people’s attention across the globe, and he managed to land features with artists from Colombia, Slovakia, Toronto, and New Jersey in a short amount of time. These tracks will be released later this year. Still, given the continual evolution of his music style, these impending releases may be just what the public needs to make Kanashii their next up-and-coming favorite artist.

Many people dream of making it big in the industry, but unfortunately, not all are blessed with the resources to make survival as an artist somewhat easier. Kanashii hopes to break the barrier between independent and signed major artists with his brand. In parallel with his dream of becoming the next big hit, one of his more important goals is to guide other artists with fewer resources to build their names in the industry and grow their presence online.

Kanashii is the hottest up-and-rising artist, and he only continues to grow by the day. Find out more about him by visiting his website, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and listen to his hottest tracks on SoundCloud.

Going for It: Peter Stelling on Sparking Passion

These days, people are scrambling to their feet as they hurriedly make their way to the top. And while some competition can be an impetus for progress, too much of it can make one lose sight of what is really important. For this reason, Peter Stelling vowed to live a life that keeps his soul on fire. 

Having gone through his fair share of ups and downs, Peter Stelling realized that everything boils down to passion. As a matter of fact, it took him several twists and turns before he mustered up the courage to go after his dreams. It was not until he finally listened to the voice within that he sparked joy, not only in his life but also in the lives of those around him.

According to Peter Stelling, pursuits and endeavors are made more meaningful if they come from the heart. He also adds that nothing matters more to him than being able to do what he loves. True enough, success is much sweeter if it stems from a place of happiness. 

Hailing from the city of Orlando in Florida, Peter Stelling took off to breathe life into his goals and aspirations. Besides gaining recognition for his works as a singer-songwriter, model, and actor, he is also pursuing a degree in Supervision and Management. And always being ready to step up his game, the multifaceted figure shows that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

Born and bred in a competitive household, Peter Stelling grew up trying to keep with his four older brothers. As a result, he developed the notion that anything falling short of the best will never be good enough. And having this mindset for a very long time, Peter created a world that revolved around competition. However, this only made his wins bitter and his losses even heavier. 

Growing tired of trying to be competitive all the time, Peter Stelling broke free from his unrealistic expectations and stayed grounded. As a result, he learned the value of practice and the beauty of patience. And with this newfound approach, it dawned on him that there is more to life than being the best. Instead, it is all about being content with seemingly little victories. 

Today, Peter Stelling has become a beacon of confidence and self-fulfillment. After years of struggling with self-doubt and questioning his strengths, he could eventually see what he is truly capable of. And through the challenges he hurdled, he pushes producers, directors, photographers, creators, actors, models, artists, musicians, and all other passion-driven individuals to move forward. 

Looking back on his journey, Peter Stelling took a leap of faith by going after a life that speaks volumes about his purpose and passion. And using his past experiences that accumulated many lessons and realizations, he inspires and encourages others to choose the path that makes them light up. 

Had Peter given up on the things that resonated with his core and soul, he would not have gone this far in his career. Indeed, the passion-driven individual has proven that the best things happen to those who believe and fight against all the odds. 

To know more about Peter Stelling, you may follow him on Instagram

Young Dalliance Sheds Light on Why Misfortunes are His Driving Forces To Success

Some people often believe that one’s unfortunate circumstances hinder them from genuinely gaining success in life. Although this is a valid concern for many, and a facet of society can attest to this ill-fated belief, some refuse to confine themselves with the shackles of their miserable conditions.

As someone who ardently countermands to the allure of misfortunes, Young Dalliance vehemently rejects the notion that individuals trapped with countless restraints can never get to where they want to be. And now, having reached freedom and the height of his dreams, Young Dalliance shares that the first step towards attaining victories in life is to treat repudiations as sources of strength.

Hailing from the sun-drenched and palm-studded streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, Young Dalliance, also known as Young D, never thought that he would trade his hubbub predicaments in the city with a more tranquil lifestyle in a small town in Salem, Oregon. As his dreams started to take its course in the world of entertainment, Young D briefly thought that the move set his aspirations a mile back. But realizing that his goals were larger than the threat of his circumstances, he worked his way around the new environment while equipping himself with the needed skills to get ahead.

Fueled with a passion for music, Young D took it upon himself to master the art of translating his thoughts into words soaked in musical notes. So with a heart to continuously advance his way into the entertainment industry, he set a couple of years aside to study Pop and Country songwriting. On top of this endeavor, Young D also took this time to explore more genres and broaden the scope of his talent.

In his independently-initiated pursuits, he was able to find his niche in rap music. And with this newfound path inside the realms of music and entertainment, he worked hard to create pieces of art that perfectly reflected his zeal and spirit. When the time came that he was ready to unleash his creations, he released one EP and five singles in 2019. The most popular of them, “ Your Toxic Mood” and “Cloud 9”, allowed Young D to make his name known in the small town of Salem. From then on, he successfully attained a steadily-increasing hodgepodge of murmurs of his marvelous talent and astounding voice.

Young D’s drive to stand out in music can be traced back to when he was only a spectator of a couple of his favorite artists at a young age. But when Young D began to see his talents from within, he knew that he was destined to fill a spot on the center stage. So with a notebook and an old pen, Young D started to jot down words, which later became part of his EP that was recently released.

Now, with a seven-track, Vincent Van Gogh inspired EP entitled “Starry Nights Ease Troubled Minds” and a recently dropped music video, “Windmills,” Young D is set to share more of his talent across the globe.

No matter what obstacle that life may surprise us with, Young D wishes to remind the people that success awaits for those who stay resilient amid the challenges that may come in their way.

Listen to Young D’s music by visiting his website.

JGomes: Making Waves Through Powerful Message-Heavy Music

Versatile artist JGomes is making big ripples in the music industry through his unique sound and powerful lyrics. Originating from Connecticut, the creative is a rising artist, rapper, and songwriter seeking to put his life experience into words and music. 

Through his authentic sound, the hip hop and rap artist entrances listeners. In the entertainment world and his fanbase, the rising artist is known for his powerful storytelling lyricism and hard-hitting instrumentation. Using the situations and hurdles he has had to overcome, JGomes bares his soul and tells his story to his audience.

Talking about how he got his start in music and his inspiration for his sound, JGomes reveals, “my father was a DJ so I was always around music but he also was someone in tune with the street life so I was exposed to a harsh reality. On the other hand my mother is a minister so I grew in church and was exposed to a brighter side of the world.”

The impactful lyrics that feature on JGomes’ tracks often tell the story of his life. “I had my fair share of trouble growing up, I spent a 3rd of my life locked up for bad decisions, but I’ve seen so much of life and have been able to incorporate it into my sound,” JGomes reveals.

Not just his life story, JGomes spreads a message of hope and encourages his listeners to never give up on their dreams. Due to personal beliefs, the rising artist almost put his mic down. It took the sad passing of his father for JGomes to turn to his music once more. After using his sound as a distraction from and an outlet for his grief, JGomes’ music showed a vulnerability that captivated listeners. Soon after, he was on the rise as his popularity grew.

The artist saw this series of events as his father’s plan for him. Because of it, JGomes empowers his reach never to give up. “I would hate for someone with a talent or passion for something to feel like they need to stop because they haven’t reached a goal in the time frame they set for themselves,” he states. “Do it for as long as it takes.”

To convey his powerful message, JGomes ensures that the sound carrying it takes hold of his listeners. The artist sees to it that his listeners get something new from him with every song release. Among the impressive tracks that line his discography are ‘She Said,’ ‘Name Is,’ ‘Try So Hard,’ ‘OPEN YOUR EYES,’ ‘Just My Type,’ and the recently released ‘Hallelujah.’ 

Developing his style of classic hip hop merged with a modern sound, JGomes experiments with his music. He is set to carve a unique, unparalleled sound that is entirely his own. The hip hop/rap artist is one of the few capable of switching his genre and style with the same caliber JGomes has.

“I want to be able to reach everyone, I don’t make a specific sound. I’ve been around people of all ages and I try to make music that my mom would like and at the same time music that my 14 year old daughter would like. So far I managed to succeed in doing so,” the artist shares.

Spreading his message of hope in as many places and as many people as he can, JGomes has performed in high profile venues such as Toads Place, Sin City, and Madison Square Garden. With an all or nothing mentality and a new, authentic sound, JGomes rocks the boat and makes lasting waves in the music industry.

To listen to JGomes’s impactful lyrics or to reach out to the artist, he keeps his base updated through his account on Facebook.

From US Service to the Grammys: How Half Deezy Kept an Unwavering Passion for Years

For so many years, several artists have made their mark and sealed their legacies in the music industry. Their impact was significant enough to become standards in the industry, and their names are nearly always brought up when an up and coming artist shows up on the block.

Bands like The Beatles and Queen are two of the biggest names that come up when a new band is making the rounds. Bruno Mars has a vocal range that many people say is reminiscent of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. While comparisons can be very flattering, others hope to build a career all on their own and step out of those comparisons. Luckily for artist Half Deezy, he has the voice that stands out on its own.

Half Deezy is American and Filipino, born in the state of California. Growing up, he moved around a lot owing to his father’s occupation as a Marine. They were only able to settle down once his father got out. He grew up with a dream of making music. Although he had no musical background, Deezy was adamant about learning on his own.

Because change was constant in his early life, along with music, one of the few consistent things that remained with Deezy was movies. He was always fascinated by movie magic, watching the behind the scenes footage in the DVDs he could get his hands on. The three genres that stuck with him the most were horror, drama, and dark comedy. These genres would later play a significant role in his storytelling and film making abilities.

Before he worked in the entertainment industry, Deezy served in the United States Army. He would remain in services for ten years, planning life after his service. Once he got out, he set out to chase his passion. 

Owing to his freedom, Deezy was able to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Cinematography from the Los Angeles Film School as well as writing his songs, producing his music, and pushing his brand. While it may sound tiresome, Deezy’s passion for both was able to push himself forward. 

While he has been making a name for himself in the media industry, Deezy has already become a big name in the music industry. He is primarily known for his distinct voice, making it impossible to confuse him with other artists. His success was not an overnight story, as he had been looked over for many years. Regardless, he continued to shape his sound and sharpened his lyrical skills. Since he launched his career, he has opened for various artists including Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lil White, and G-Eazy. 

Deezy is now a professional member of the Grammy Awards for four years and is known for featuring in songs with Platinum artists. Among the many names he has worked with are Bone Thugs N Harmony members Bizzy Bone and Lazy Bone, Baby Eazy E, Dogg Pound Gangstas, and Stat Quo. Some of the notable works he has been included in are Tonight, Good Day, Soulja Boy Diss, and They Hate U.S. All of which are available on streaming platforms.

To know more about Half Deezy, you may visit his website and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Half Deezy’s songs are also available on Spotify.

Singer/Songwriter Kenny Peters Sparks Interest with His Upcoming Book

While his ultimate passion will always be his music and songwriting, popular tenor Kenny Peters is taking on another challenge: to finish writing his four books that are on different stages of completion. His upcoming book titled Discrediting God has unexpectedly sparked interest and dialogues among many avid readers after seeing the title. Encouraging people to engage in a healthy discourse is one of Kenny’s primary objectives in narrating his interesting life story. 

Through his books, Kenny is trying out another opportunity to reach out to many people who go through life without fully addressing their traumas from the past. His past may have been hurtful and traumatic, but it is also a story of survival, hope, and self-healing. Aside from witnessing the divorce of his parents, he was also physically abused while he was living with his non-biological father. 

He also struggled with his mental health issues that remained undiagnosed for a lengthy amount of time. His struggle almost ended with a suicide attempt many years ago. In 2008, Kenny finally got diagnosed to have bipolar disorder and received proper therapy and medication to help him manage his condition. As he continued to journey toward his recovery, Kenny started to come out in the open about his mental health with the intention to provide support for people who are going through the same predicament. 

“It’s probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had—knowing that by sharing what’s been the worst of my life, someone else may find their path. It makes us all winners,” Kenny explains.  

Aside from completing his four books in the making, Kenny is also looking forward to creating at least two more albums in the coming years. Getting a Grammy nomination is also one of his dreams. More than the awards, however, is experiencing release through his songwriting—the freedom to write about the horrors of his past and present journey as a proud gay person without fear of being rejected. 

There is only so much adversity that one person can take in a lifetime, but some have had the misfortune of going through traumatic and hurtful experiences one after the other. While this is a reality for so many people all over the world, the human spirit has the potential to be stronger than the most painful circumstances life has to offer. Such incomparable strength and will to survive can be learned from artist, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate Kenny Peters.

Aside from his music, he is also opening himself up to opportunities of appearing in bigger films in a supporting role. Kenny also eyes the possibility of focusing on being a producer, knowing that he has so much that he can pass on to up-and-coming filmmakers. 

Kenny Peters is a living testament to how things can still work out in the end despite having a bad start. He is also showing the world that the past does not define who a person will become. It’s all a matter of choice and choosing to survive and thrive was the one thing that opened rich opportunities to him. Learn more about Kenny Peters by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook for updates on his projects.