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Taras Lavrovskyi and Diana Hetun: “Ukrainian Company TOP.UA Successfully Relocates to America, Rebrands as TOP USA Awards, and Plans First Event on US Soil”

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Co-owners of “TOP USA awards inc,” Taras Lavrovskyi and Diana Hetun, are preparing a sensational event for the business community in the United States – the “TOP 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian origins” award ceremony. The event will take place on 22 of July of this year and will be held in the heart of Manhattan, New York, at the world-renowned venue Cipriani 25 Broadway.

The origins of “TOP USA Awards” trace back to the successful Ukrainian company “TOP.UA”, which pompously celebrated the achievements of well-known Ukrainian entrepreneurs in various business sectors for two years in Ukraine. Due to the impossibility of continuing the promising project amidst the war unleashed by Russia on Ukrainian territory, the company relocated to the United States, where it is currently launching their project about successful American entrepreneurs with Ukrainian origins. The “TOP USA Awards” will be presented to nominees for outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of the American market. In addition, the award ceremony will feature a unique book that will include 100 outstanding success stories of respected businessmen who made it to the list of the best Ukrainian-American entrepreneurs.

The long-awaited event promises to be a celebration for American entrepreneurs with Ukrainian origins living in America, with the goal of showcasing to the world the boundless opportunities that the American market offers people from different countries, including Ukrainians. At the forefront of this grand event, Diana Hetun and Taras Lavrovskyi will demonstrate their best innovative ideas to the American public.

An unforgettable evening filled with glitz and glamor will be hosted by the star couple of the most famous and popular Ukrainian presenters – the imposing Yuriy Gorbunov and the outrageous Katya Osadcha, who will specially fly from Ukraine to participate in the ceremony.

A special celebrity guest of the evening will be the Ukrainian pop diva, People’s Artist of Ukraine, TV presenter, and philanthropist Tina Karol, whose mesmerizing voice will delight the esteemed audience. The event will also be graced by the presence of Ukraine’s most famous chef, the incomparable Yevhen Klopotenko.

In addition, Hollywood stars have confirmed their participation in the awards ceremony, but their names are being kept secret for now.

An elegant and noble dress code, corresponding to the importance, status and high level of the event, will serve as a bridge between the star event and star guests. In addition to the awards ceremony, a charity auction will take place, 50% of ticket sales will go to raise funds for the Ukraine Support Fund and 100% of the proceeds from the charity auction, which will be held during the event will be donated to the CashForRefugees fund.

It is important to note that this elite event is open only to businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors. The organizers offer potential nominees to fill out an application on the website, as the selection is currently underway. The organizers also invite companies that have a desire to be a sponsor and get good advertising for the VIP audience to cooperate. That is, the company invites absolutely everyone who wants to become involved in this sensational event and get an unforgettable experience, to support this incredible and worthy project.

Participation in it is a unique opportunity for nominees to assert themselves, attract attention to their person and business, and form the right image of their brand among the target audience; for sponsors and partners, it is an opportunity to contribute financially to the development of Ukraine, be useful, and significantly enhance their reputation in American business circles.

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