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The Future of Logistics: Almat Mukhtarov’s Driving Smart TMS Software

The Future of Logistics: Almat Mukhtarov's Driving Smart TMS Software
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Please take a look around. Everything that surrounds us is facilitated by an inconspicuous but highly significant sphere – transportation. We don’t see how enormous trucks travel on the roads, distributing various goods and medicines, but if this cargo doesn’t appear in stores or pharmacies on time and in the right condition, a collapse can occur.

“Few realize how challenging it is to organize the cargo delivery process in such a way that end consumers don’t even feel that something is missing. Carriers are required to keep the cargo in transit, which often spans many thousands of miles, and deliver it on time to the specified location. How to ensure this, what difficulties to overcome – for the customer and the population, this is a secondary issue,” says a businessman from Illinois, the owner of the trucking company A2V Logistics Inc., Almat Mukhtarov, who has developed special software for the logistics sector. This software not only optimizes the transportation process but also increases the profitability of logistics companies in the shortest possible time.

Almat Mukhtarov’s unique offering is the cloud-based software Driving Smart TMS, which is a complete system for tracking and controlling all logistical processes, from driver recruitment to fuel consumption tracking. Data collection and analysis, accounting records, reporting documentation, partnership proposals – everything that should be at the fingertips of a modern logistics professional can be automated and stored in the cloud by the owner of A2V Logistics Inc.

Fuel consumption for each mile traveled, delivery timing, and the availability of documents for transported goods can all be monitored in real-time using Driving Smart TMS. Possessing such information will allow logistics company owners to realistically assess the profitability of their business and make informed decisions for its development.

For drivers, Driving Smart TMS also offers special features. For instance, they can record the estimated travel time and calculate their actual compensation for the trip. They can check the weather forecast and its changes along the route and find the nearest refueling and rest areas.

“For the logistics business, information about the utilization of vehicles and drivers over time, the profitability of each trip, staff efficiency, and customer relationship prospects are extremely relevant. In Driving Smart TMS, all data is consolidated in one place and accessible to top management and employees on their smartphones or laptops from anywhere in the world,” Almat Mukhtarov explains about his invention.

By receiving critical information immediately, every participant in the logistics chain works efficiently and safely. As a result, companies that have already integrated Driving Smart TMS into their operations are more effective and motivated, according to experts who have tested the application provided by the owner of A2V Logistics Inc.

Setting the trends in the industry

As it is well-known, the most promising orders are always given to market leaders. This is why A2V Logistics Inc., owned by the creator of the Driving Smart TMS application, Almat Mukhtarov, only deals with successful clients. Among his clients are Federal Emergency Management Agency, Home Depot, Macys, Walmart, Costco, Dollar General, Cold Storage, John Deere, Coca-Cola, Menards, Morton Salt, Verizon, Amazon, GM Motors, Lexmark, Graphic Packaging, HP, LG.

The use of cloud storage of data enables A2V Logistics Inc. to offer optimal terms of cooperation. Managers use this platform to calculate expenses for each trip, optimize driver work, purchase fuel at the most favorable price, and minimize risks and force majeure situations.

For every logistics specialist, the Driving Smart TMS application is considered the best solution in the market, say experts. This software optimizes business operations, makes a driver’s job easier and more comfortable, and provides the company owner with real-time insights into their operations.

“This service is advantageous for use as a marketing tool, an application for expense optimization, and a daily planner with notes that will help achieve goals in the shortest possible time,” Almat Mukhtarov says.

According to IT experts, the main feature and advantage of Driving Smart TMS is cloud data storage. In their opinion, this fact guarantees complete confidentiality and the security of all professional documents. Furthermore, remote access to information allows for a more flexible organization of personnel work, making it highly efficient for the company’s growth.

Since Driving Smart TMS is a product based on Almat Mukhtarov’s personal experience – a bachelor of economics and a successful company owner with an 8-million-dollar financial turnover – it takes into account all the peculiarities of the logistics business in the United States. Undoubtedly, integrating such a service into their operations will bring only positive changes to the corporate culture and financial reports of transportation companies.

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