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The Guaracha King, DJ Pereira, Putting Guaracha on the Map as an International Music Genre

The world of DJ-ing is home to some of the most talented individuals. The NYC FM Radio industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, and DJ Pereira is one of the most talented individuals to come out of the recent boom. He is also the youngest on-air talent in NYC FM Radio. 

DJ Pereira, along with his partners, reached the top of the game last week in the afternoon on x96.3FM. Not to mention, the esteemed DJ is the only Spanish DJ who has been signed by 50 Cent, a famous liquor company in Branson, Missouri.

Nowadays, he is set to break boundaries within the music industry by releasing yet another remarkable single coupled with a music video to boot. On April 3, 2021, DJ Pereira is determined to ignite the musical landscape by collaborating with some of the most prominent artists in the Dominican Republic. These big names include Haracakiko Yomel el Meloso and Dixson Wax in a project that they will be calling “No Lo Hay.”

With this recent announcement, old fans and new fans alike are buzzing with excitement as DJ Pereira cooks up yet another mind-blowing musical extravaganza. More famously known as “The Guaracha King,” the esteemed DJ has successfully claimed his position in the deepest echelons of the New York music scene.

DJ Pereira is one of the most influential Latino artists in the music industry today. He is a forefather of Guaracha, even earning himself the title of El Rey Del Perreo for his massive contributions in giving guaracha an entirely new modern twist. The thriving DJ has over a decade of experience within the industry, working alongside some of the most popular musical celebrities of this day and age.

He has worked with the likes of El Alfa, Arcangel, Myke Towers, Lírico en la Casa, Darell, Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Bryant Myers, Andy Rivera, and many more. DJ Pereira was also able to perform in front of a wide audience on the world’s most spectacular musical stages. The rising musical star has brought Guaracha to a variety of global locations such as California, New York, Miami, Arizona, Chicago, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, France, and Italy. 

DJ Pereira also went on to celebrate his 25th birthday by putting on a massive show in the United Palace Theater. The event was fully booked, and the place was packed with audiences who greatly enjoyed the music that was performed in front of them by some of the most talented artists in the music scene, such as Myke Towers, El Alfa, Nio Garcia, Darell, and many more. 

The thriving DJ has always dreamt of pushing his culture toward a global stage, and he has wonderfully done this by way of his music. With his incredible talents, he has elevated guaracha and exposed it to the world. Nowadays, more and more people have been appreciating guaracha all thanks to DJ Pereira and his remarkable collaborators. 

To know more about the amazingly talented DJ Pereira, check out his official website.

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