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The Impact of Youthful Beauty: The Unique Thread-Lifting Mastery of Elena Zeitinidis

The Impact of Youthful Beauty: The Unique Thread-Lifting Mastery of Elena Zeitinidis
Photo Credit: Elena Zeitinidis

Elena Zeitinidis is a unique specialist whose talent has long been acclaimed in Europe and is now recognized in America. This beautiful woman can restore the external attractiveness of people of an elegant age, bringing back their youthful appearance.

It’s not about plastic surgery. Elena Zeitinidis is a highly skilled, certified injector and expert in aesthetic medicine. She has developed a unique method for inserting threads in the thread-lifting procedure – a non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation technique.

The secret of special angles

Although Elena Zeitinidis customizes the approach for each patient based on their medical history, age, face shape, and skin condition, her technique is characterized by specific vectors under which she inserts the latest FDA-approved certified lifting threads.

Thanks to her precise method, calculated scrupulously for each patient, Elena Zeitinidis achieves remarkable effects – creating a strong reinforcing “mesh” that maintains contours in tone for a long period without causing pain during the procedure and ensuring absolute naturalness of the face and body afterward.

The emergence of the “Zeitinidis Technique”

Thread lifting entered the realm of American and European aesthetic medicine about eleven years ago, influencing non-surgical face and body correction. Unlike gold threads used since the mid-20th century, PDO and PLLA threads are biodegradable, ensuring the safety of thread lifting throughout its duration and allowing for various procedures, including massage, which was prohibited with gold threads.

Moreover, there are many types of threads – linear, spiral, conical, liquid, with various notches, made of polydioxanone, polylactic acid, and polycaprolactone. The type of correction determines the specific threads or combinations to be used.

The question of why thread lifting yields excellent results with some specialists and almost none with others haunted Elena Zeitinidis during her procedures and observations of colleagues from France, Monaco, Switzerland, the UAE, and elsewhere.

“Since the thread lifting technique was developed in South Korea, I went there at the first opportunity. There, threads are used not only to tighten skin but also to treat acne, rosacea, and alopecia and to strengthen the body by acting on acupuncture points. After thoroughly studying the nuances of Asian aesthetic medicine, I developed my technique of inserting threads, which is painless, leaves no unpleasant aftermath, and always guarantees a bright and lasting result,” says Elena Zeitinidis.

Success and international recognition

Elena Zeitinidis first applied her thread-lifting method in Ukraine in 2015. Patients at the Kiev clinic “Beauty Medical,” led by Elena, enthusiastically embraced her innovative approach, lining up for the procedure.

Her “Zeitinidis technique” also intrigued fellow aestheticians. Responding to increased demand, she developed a special course for injectors and soon opened an Educational Center at her clinic, regularly hosting engaging training sessions and seminars for practicing medics.

News of the effective thread usage method invented by Elena Zeitinidis quickly reached Europe. She was invited as a speaker at various international conferences and as an innovator-expert to exchange experiences in leading aesthetic medicine clinics, transforming her experimental technique into a quality standard followed by aestheticians everywhere.

Ukraine also recognized its talented compatriots. For introducing and implementing the painless meso thread insertion method in international aesthetic medicine, Elena Zeitinidis was awarded the honorary “Order of Honor” titled “Great Ukrainians.”

Today, Elena Zeitinidis actively shares her experience with American colleagues. Since 2022, she has been living in Miami and plans to open an aesthetic medicine clinic and several educational centers across America modeled after “Beauty Medical.”

“Day by day, I work to ensure thousands are confident that plastic surgery isn’t necessary to maintain beauty and youth. It’s enough to undergo painless thread lifting with mesothreads every two years,” says Elena Zeitinidis, who always asks her patients to rejoice at their reflection in the mirror. Considering the effect achieved with 3D thread lifting, this seems to be no trouble at all.


Published By: Aize Perez

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