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The Waltons’ Homecoming Livened Up Thanksgiving Season

A celebration of sharing and abundance, Thanksgiving has become an integral tradition to American culture, and nothing can liven up this season better than reminders of what Americans stand for. The Waltons’ Homecoming serves as one such nod to the values the people religiously adhere to. Executively produced by Emmy Award-winner and Magnolia Hill Productions president Sam Haskell, this television number aired on The CW on November 28, with an encore scheduled for December 11. 

The incredible cast in the limelight and the team behind the camera are stoked with the opportunity to bring The Waltons’ Homecoming to millions of households. This insight-rich entertainment, which promises to be a balm in the face of the ever-increasing amount of problematic content in the world today, follows the story of John Boy and his family as they prepare for John Sr.’s homecoming and embark on a life-changing journey. 

Starring Bellamy Young, Ben Lawson, Logan Shroyer, The Waltons’ Homecoming is narrated by the original John Boy, Richard Thomas, and was brought to life by the creative vision of Sam Haskell. “There is no one more talented or appropriate to bring a message of hope into our homes on Thanksgiving weekend than Sam Haskell, whose accomplishments in television are legendary and iconic,” said Kathy Ireland, the mind at the helm of global brand Kathy Ireland® Worldwide. “To know Sam is to trust him and love him. When we began dreaming of what gift we could give to virtually every American family this year, this film became our powerful choice.’

Apart from the inspirational story of The Waltons’ Homecoming and the artistic direction that Sam Haskell took, viewers and the movie industry alike can look forward to the role of author, entrepreneur, and former supermodel Kathy Ireland in delivering the film to everyone’s TV. A recipient of the Business International Religious Freedom Champion Award from the IRF, she has bagged a long list of accomplishments and accolades under her belt over the years, including the honor of being the youngest executive and first woman ever to be elected to the Licensing International Hall of Fame. 

Acting as the sole presenting sponsor of this American classic that speaks to the values of faith, family, love, and inclusivity, Kathy Ireland aims not only to foster hope through the airing of the movie but also raise awareness about the work that The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation does in eliminating childhood cancer. 

“Kathy has an extraordinarily beautiful heart,” shared Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., the artists whose vocal performance in the television commercial Do It is a call to action to support the NPCF. “The decision for her company, Kathy Ireland® Worldwide, to be the presenting sponsor of The Waltons’ Homecoming, is truly a wonderful gift for every family.”

On December 11, The CW will re-air The Waltons’ Homecoming. Family and friends can expect more than an hour of intricately directed entertainment enriched by the brilliant music of seven-time Grammy Award-winners Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis. Jr.  

More information about The Waltons’ Homecoming can be found here.

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