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Top Tips for Stylish Home Radiators From Radiator Outlet

Choosing the right radiator for your home can be challenging and that’s because there are so many styles, heating outputs, sizes, and finishes. And not only do they keep you warm during the frosty winter months but they can also be a stylish addition to your home.

So, you might now be wondering just where to begin. Well, thankfully, the Radiator Outlet is here to lend a hand with their top tips for buying the best radiators for your home.

Tips for Stylish Home Radiators From Radiators

The standard house radiator is a source of comfort and warmth when the weather outside is cold and unforgiving, but they are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. Radiators can be used to add vibrancy to your home, and they don’t have to cost a fortune or take up a lot of room.

When it comes to decorating around a radiator, there are plenty of ways to keep them stylish and functional. Here are some tips for making the most out of your home’s heating system.

  1. Colored radiators can be used to add vibrancy

Colored radiators are becoming increasingly popular because you can use them instead of wall art. They can also be used as a focal point in any room. They are available in any color you could think of making them incredibly versatile no matter your interior design preferences. 

If you have a space where the walls are monochromatic, you can use a colored radiator to add some life to the room.

  1. Opt for an unusual shape or size

 Most people tend to think of radiators as being horizontal in shape and of a traditional style. But the world of heating has seen huge changes in radiator design in recent years. From vertical designs through to having your photo emblazoned on the surface, there is no longer any ned to hide your radiators away.  Now they can be the statement piece for your room.

  1. Install a towel rail

Towel rails are often bought for bathrooms and kitchens due to their practicality. They allow you to keep your towels dry, warm, and within easy reach. Towel rails are also a stylish addition to your bathroom or kitchen to create a more luxurious feel while also being highly practical.

From stainless steel through to an anthracite finish, there is now no need to go for boring white.

  1. Use a vertical or horizontal radiator to save space

Horizontal radiators are perfect when you want to save floor space or if you have extra wall space above head height – such as on an external wall between two windows.

Orientating your radiator vertically can create a stunning visual impact for your home. Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from more heat output from your radiator because of the increased surface area. This means you’ll have to spend less on heating bills.

  1. Choose flat panel radiators for a modern look

If you have a modern home and want to add some new radiators that look stylish, you should consider flat panel radiators. They are a great way to give your home a contemporary look, and they are also functional.

You can find these kinds of radiators in various sizes, which means that regardless of the size of your home or room, you will be able to find one that suits your needs. These are also the perfect base on which to go for a picture radiator. Now, you have the option of having an image, work or art, or even a photo printed onto the surface.

  1. Choose a model that best fits the style of your home

Choose a radiator style that complements your existing décor. You may have a particular style in mind for your radiator but ensure first and foremost that it will complement or enhance the existing décor of your room. 

For example, if you live in an industrial loft, a chrome or stainless steel finish might fit flawlessly. If you live in a Victorian-style home, opt for something more ornate and decorative to keep with the era of your property.

  1. Consider Mirror Radiators Both Duel Functionality

For the small room of the house, space can be a real issue when it comes to keeping it warm. This is where mirror radiators can be the perfect solution. Now you only ned one area of wall space with this combined functionality radiator. The added bonus to this style of heating is that you completely do away with steamed-up mirrors!

  1. Choose a different material for an eyecatching design

For something very different from the norm, how about a brass radiator! This fast conducting metal is a great option for radiator designs. Now, they are slightly more expensive but the high quality and heating ability may mean that they are well worth the additional expense.

Whether a fitting design for an older home or a statement price in a contemporary apartment, a brass radiator is the perfect choice.

Are stylish home radiators as efficient as other radiators?

Yes, stylish home radiators are as efficient as other radiators. They may even be more efficient than the old-fashioned ones. Its BTU output per hour that measures the radiator’s efficiency, so, the greater the BTU output, the more heat it can produce per hour. 

Don’t forget that the effectiveness of the radiator also comes down to the boiler. An underpowered boiler isn’t going to be able to heat the radiators in a large home, so do make sure that the heating system itself can cope with the number of radiators that you plan to have fitted.

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