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Transforming Spaces: Discover the Architectural Vision of Ihor Kochura and Crystalia Glass LLC

Transforming Spaces: Discover the Architectural Vision of Ihor Kochura and Crystalia Glass LLC
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“If you want to live or work in a beautiful building with plenty of natural light, elegant metal partitions, and glass structures instead of bulky walls, call Crystalia Glass LLC. Ihor Kochura, co-owner of the company and highly skilled construction engineer with extensive experience, will create a unique project for you that precisely matches your character.”

No, this is not an advertisement. These are the recommendations from clients for whom Crystalia Glass LLC and Ihor Kochura have reconstructed spaces in the symbolic loft style loved by Americans. You want to know who their clients are and if they can be trusted? Ок, here’s a part of the extensive list:

  • Madison Square Garden
  • Banana Republic
  • Old Navy
  • Bank Of America
  • SpaceX
  • Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  • Yum Yum Donut Shops Inc.
  • Starbucks
  • Nakatech
  • Nike
  • Vision Solar
  • The LaSalle Chicago
  • Autograph Collection

As we mentioned, this is just a part of the extensive list. In addition to giants from various industries, clients of Crystalia Glass LLC and Ihor Kochura include politicians, journalists, movie actors, and musicians whom you see on your TV screens or read about in newspapers every day.

But don’t think that Crystalia Glass LLC and Ihor Kochura only work for celebrities. Ordinary people who appreciate the loft style are also clients of this company, which has been involved in the design, production, and installation of glass and metal structures in industrial and residential buildings since 2017.

In every American state, there are numerous houses for which Ihor Kochura has devised and created unique designs using elegant steel partitions adorned with glass and handcrafted forging, developed and produced by Crystalia Glass LLC.

Why can you trust Ihor Kochura?

Because this person knows everything about buildings from childhood! Ihor Kochura was born into a family where his father was involved in construction, and he helped him.

Ihor Kochura earned his first money on construction sites and there he watched with admiration as beautiful homes appeared thanks to his father, and old and terrible buildings turned into magnificent architectural masterpieces that would later be written about in books.

Ihor Kochura holds diplomas from a construction college and university. In addition, he obtained a master’s degree, which indicates his love for science and deep knowledge of the production process, thanks to which the buildings worked on by Crystalia Glass LLC are not only beautiful and convenient but also highly reliable.

Ihor Kochura is one of those people who calls architecture “frozen music.” Each building is a separate symphony for him, which he, like a great master, improves while preserving and highlighting its individuality.

Yes, it takes great talent and incredible intuition to work with glass and metal the way Ihor Kochura does. And yes, we understand very well why famous clients give excellent recommendations to Crystalia Glass LLC. After all, what Ihor Kochura does is aesthetics, safety, and the comfort that we value so much in everyday life. So why not trust him in that case?

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