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Travis Shyn Sheds Light on Mental Health With His Newest Single, ‘Shattered’

It is not every day that an artist emerges out of the chaos and begins making a name for himself independently. Over the last few years, Travis Shyn has been creating music through self-expression and has amassed a small following across his social media and streaming accounts. Born in the streets of South Korea, Travis Shyn made a divine promise, that if someone would help lift him off of the ground, that one day he would be able to do the same for another person. That day came when he was adopted by a Korean-American family in the Northwest. Travis is now based out of Washington, DC, and has been making music seriously for 3 years.

Making his true debut with his single “Numb” back in 2020, Travis Shyn quickly developed his own sound, a sort of hip-hop/pop blend that brings together all of his favorite elements from his musical inspirations. With deep inspiration from artists like Post Malone, Michael Jackson, and many others, Travis Shyn has now brought his talents to the table and is set to have a breakout year in 2021.

With the release of his newest single “Shattered”, the true depths of the young artist are brought to light. Showing tremendous vocal stability and good range, Travis Shyn glimmers over deep piano production. Pouring his heart and soul into this record, you can hear a range of experiences being channeled into a ballad-like structure. With hip-hop drum patterns and a catchy piano hook, this is the perfect production for the young star.

Being a man who has come a long way from his childhood, Travis Shyn strives to bring positivity and hope back to people who are down on their luck. Living in a world where mental health problems are often overlooked, Travis Shyn set himself out on a journey to not only conquer his own demons but heroically help others in their times of need. Whether it be through music, or directly assisting individuals in need, he has a healer mindset and the drive to make change happen.

Music is a powerful tool, not only for personal enjoyment but for bringing together all walks of life. An artist like Travis Shyn is able to channel his own creative energy to make music that speaks on multiple different levels. “Shattered” is not only a song about heartbreak, but also a song about perseverance through tragedy. Even if a storm lurks in the distance, Travis Shyn has prepared himself through his art to face difficult circumstances and has set out on a mission to bring this insight to others.

If you are looking for a new artist to add to your playlist, make sure you give “Shattered” by Travis Shyn a listen and give him a follow on social media to keep up with the young star. Times may get tough in the world, but hope and perseverance prevail in difficult circumstances. Travis Shyn has shown a rare ability to grow beyond the boundaries set in place by societies, and develop a new way of thinking in a creative domain. A great artist is built during trying times, luckily we are blessed enough to hear this man’s story so we can integrate his wisdom into our own lives. 

You can learn more about Travis Shyn on Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram. Listen to more of his tracks on Spotify.

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