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Valentina Ferrer on TikTok, Entrepreneurship and the Beauty of Life Without Limits

The world as we know it is drastically changing. And amidst all the uncertainty and evolution, those have adapted to the times that have shined the most. Such is the story of entrepreneur and TikTok influencer Valentina Ferrer, who has found extraordinary success through social media and digital marketing. 

We sat down with Valentina, also known to many as Tina, to share her story and insights into what makes someone successful in the 21st century. 

Hi, Tina. How are you today?

Tina: I’m fantastic. Thank you so much for having me.

So tell us something— who is Valentina Ferrer?

Well, who I am is I’m a woman first and foremost. Most people might start with influencer and entrepreneur, but that’s not who you are. That’s what you do. So yeah, I’m a woman, daughter, friend and lover of life. 

Apart from that, I do have some followers on social media, yes (laughs). But I’ve been highly privileged. On TikTok, I now have over 34,000 followers, last I checked. I have created a business that allows me to be anywhere I want to be and work wherever I want to work. 

What beliefs drive you as a person?

I believe that every day we are alive is an opportunity. It’s as simple as that. You can view your day as a bad day filled with problems or a life filled with endless possibilities. That’s why I always focus on what’s positive in the moment and the possibilities of growing into the best version of myself and reaching my goals. 

That perspective has helped me get to where I am today. I can’t imagine being where I am now if I always thought negative thoughts. And I’m here to tell anyone who thinks otherwise that, yes, your mindset is powerful. And you should learn how to master that first beyond anything else. 

What brought you to that realization? And how has it affected your life?

There will always be naysayers, and you can’t change how people think about you. But I realized that you could control how you view yourself. And at the end of the day, that’s the perspective that matters. People can say crap about you, but if you choose to dictate your identity, you’ll be a superstar. 

I learned how to control my insecurities and fully dominate my negative thoughts. So that’s how I knock off doubt in myself regarding other people. I simply just ignore certain types of comments. 

What tips do you have for someone who might want to become an influencer or digital entrepreneur?

Always keep your business in order and the best presentation for public attraction and opportunities. Remind yourself of your daily priorities. Reaffirm what’s your main focus for the business. Those are the golden rules. The hard skills are essential, yes. But if you can’t nail those ones down, you’ll have a hard time in this business. 

So what are your plans moving forward?

To live! (laughs) Well, my days are pretty routine, so all I want now is to keep that rhythm. Get things done first thing, work out consistently, meditate through the day and follow my nutrition plan.

Who inspires you?

Currently, I’m working with a coach and local producers.

What do you do with the inspiration they give you?

I use the motivation to express my mind and ideas to people around me.

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