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Vijay Sheth & PCH Exotics: The Largest Exotic Car Rental Company In The United States

PCH Exotics is an exotic car rental company with locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Miami, New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Scottsdale, and Orlando. The business was founded by serial entrepreneur Vijay Sheth. Sheth has always had a passion for exotic vehicles and car culture as a whole. When he arrived in San Diego, he knew it was the perfect place to kick-start his business, attempting to empower So-Cal car culture. Vijay holds a diversified portfolio across the automotive industry and has equity in a body shop, car wash, and auto shop. Sheth is also working on his first car dealership and has plans to continue expanding. As an opportunistic investor, Vijay invests in ventures across a number of industries — primarily Automotive and E-Commerce, in addition to his real estate holdings and property management company. 

Why Customers Choose PCH Exotics 

PCH Exotics was founded on the idea of providing a personalized experience that makes renting an exotic vehicle hassle free for customers. A superior selection of vehicles gives customers access to the cars of their dreams without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and maintain them. PCH Exotics owns a fleet of 86 exotic vehicles — 112 vehicles total if you consider their luxury SUVs, trucks, and rare collector cars. The total worth of PCH’s fleet is well over $25 million and they are continuously expanding with new vehicles. There are many competitors in the industry that use deceptive or harmful business practices that hurt customers and the industry as a whole. Vijay and his team at PCH Exotics keep the entirety of car culture at heart in their operations, and strive to do what is the best for the community. 

PCH Exotics sets themselves apart from the competition through their higher standard of servicing, community oriented operating practices, and ability to personalize the experience for every customer. A wide array of accessories from chargers and sun visors, to car humidifiers and car organizers give customers the ability to curate their rental experience exactly how they want it to be. PCH Exotics has something for everybody, with exotic rentals ranging from just $80 per day to $3800 per day. This makes it possible for just about anyone to experience the vehicle of their dreams at a bargain. Most people won’t ever be able to own the exotic vehicle that they have always dreamed of, but PCH Exotics gives them the opportunity to experience driving them. Whether someone is looking for a vehicle to go to an event in, they’re traveling and want to roll in style, or they are seeking that unexplainable feeling of driving an ultra-luxury vehicle, PCH Exotics serves to provide them the experience they desire. Despite all of the success he has seen with PCH Exotics, Vijay intends on continuing to grow his fleet and locations to maintain PCH’s position as the number one exotic car rental company in the world. 

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