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Visionary Venture: How Annette Sollars and Eye Want Are Redefining Eyewear

How Annette Sollars and Eye Want Are Redefining Eyewear
Photo Courtesy: Annette Sollars

Beyond a style accessory, eyewear serves as a tool for improving poor vision. No wonder choosing eyewear can be baffling with so many styles and designs available. Combining comfort and aesthetics with a perfect fit is key. Eye Want is the superhero of fine eyewear, stocking the premiere eyewear collections from the top design houses from around the world. Eye Want is also a museum of eye oddities and is an Eyeporium of the finest sculptural art.

Owned by the visionary entrepreneur, Annette Sollars, Eye Want stands out not just by its massive collection of eyewear but its personalized approach to ensure each customer who walks into the store finds their perfect pair of glasses. Beyond a sleek storefront, Eye Want reflects Sollars’ enduring passion for innovation, housing, and fine art through her Eyeporium gallery, representing the top-tier artists in Chicago and beyond.

Annette’s journey into the realm of eyewear is an extraordinary one. With a career spanning thirty-nine years in ophthalmology, she has cultivated a wealth of expertise and experience in this field. From fitting eyewear for Hollywood stars like John Malkovich to gracing the pages of prestigious publications like Elle and Forbes, Annette’s influence extends far beyond the confines of her shop. Amidst all, her indomitable spirit in the face of adversity has truly set her apart. Battling through serious health conditions, she emerged as a survivor of rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer, becoming an unstoppable force of determination.

At Eye Want, customers are not just patrons but participants in a vision-centric experience. Annette’s meticulous curation ensures that every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses meets the highest standards of quality and style. With renowned collections, discerning clients are undeniably spoiled for choice. For Eye Want, eyewear is about both fashion and functionality. Annette believes that “seeing is believing,” and goes above and beyond to ensure that her customers see the world with clarity and confidence. 

As Annette gears up for her upcoming TED Talk, her emphasis on innovation has gained the spotlight. With eight patents under her belt, including six medical devices and two tech startups, Annette’s ingenuity knows no bounds. These groundbreaking inventions not only enhance vision but also push the boundaries of possibility in the eyewear industry. With partnerships and funding opportunities in the near future, Annette is poised to scale Eye Want to unprecedented heights, solidifying its position as a trusted entity in the world of eyewear. 

Looking ahead, Annette’s vision for Eye Want is ambitious and inspiring. With a keen eye on brand scalability and longevity, each decision is guided by a commitment to enriching the lives of others while securing a sustainable future for herself and her store. She wants to see Eye Want become a go-to name among people seeking a combination of style, comfort, and functionality. As she embarks on a journey of entrepreneurial growth, Annette remains steadfast in her belief in innovation and the pursuit of excellence. 

Annette’s extensive history in ophthalmology and opticianry allows her to navigate even the most difficult refractive errors and surgical interventions.  Eye Want, Eyeporium Gallery, and Eyepothecary are the mecca for fashion-forward healthwear in the country.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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