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Why Dhana Bunel Chose The Niche Market of Catering

Why Dhana Bunel Chose The Niche Market of Catering
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The catering industry brims with opportunity, especially for those who carve out a niche in the market. By specializing in unique offerings, caterers can attract a dedicated clientele and stand out. 

One key advantage of niche catering is the ability to cater to specific dietary needs or preferences. It could involve offering gluten-free, vegan, or organic menus or focusing on cuisines from a particular region or culture. By catering to these often underserved demographics, niche caterers can establish themselves as a trusted resource and build strong customer loyalty.

When Dhana Bunel, a fashion model and social media influencer, sought to begin the next chapter of her life, she established Chez Graze, a catering company specializing in creating gourmet and sustainable charcuterie boards and table setups for various events. 

Yet her journey toward that path was a very spontaneous moment. She was exploring innovative projects and companies as an investment goal when she went to the Franchise Fair in 2022, where she met her objectives. However, she saw that most companies and economies remained traditional in their approach and concepts, especially in the “well-being” industry. 

“Many of the new designs carried a flag of wellness. However, they still have conventional ideas and paths that were not in line with innovation itself,” Dhana explained. Since Dhana couldn’t find innovation elsewhere, she created it from nothing, thus establishing Chez Graze. 

According to Dhana, Chez Graze is unlike others in the market as it offers “The Art of Gourmet Health.” Besides the visually pleasing setups, it offers healthy options with a “French touch” so consumers wouldn’t feel guilty about indulging or sacrificing flavour for health. 

However, the most significant concept about Chez Graze is that it’s Dhana’s platform to empower other women and lead them toward financial independence by providing them with honest jobs. 

“I want to be able to help other women to become financially independent and successful on their own,” she said. 

Chez Graze is currently working with many other companies and businesses, like Iris Optic, REMAX, BNP Paribas, Naturacoeur, and Maptitetchemise, that trust Chez Graze to take care of their corporate and private events. 

Dhana’s mission of empowering women began through her Instagram account. After making it public in January 2022 to share her fashion ideas with her followers, she created a community of women who sought inspiration to rebuild their confidence and be in control of their lives. 

She experienced what it felt like to lose herself during motherhood. It wasn’t as if she didn’t enjoy taking care of her son. It was the constant pressure from society demanding her to be fit, career-driven, and present for her child that got to her. As she learned how to love and embrace her body and identity again, other women saw Dhana’s confidence. 

Moreover, even though Dhana saw how her followers, especially the mothers, enjoyed seeing her fashion taste on social media, she knew she could do something more. Hence, Chez Graze became the influencer’s way of setting an example of how women can break free from social stereotypes and constraints. 

“It’s never too late to start living the life we want. It’s never too late for a second career approach, a new lifestyle, or a new project. And, of course, to start all over again. In this task, I will lead by example. I would not advise others. I will do it myself. I am taking all the chances and just doing it,” she said. 

Dhana continues to set a standard for women, proving how exploring niche markets through innovative ideas can be successful with the ideal values and mindset, ultimately proving that women can be anything they want to be. 



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