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Yacht Hampton: Introducing Luxury Yachting to All of South Florida

When it comes to luxury and the pursuit of the ‘good  life,’ people do not hold back. Regardless of cost, the average human wants to enjoy the best services possible and do business with trustworthy businesses as long as their fulfillment is guaranteed. When COVID-19 hit the world, despite the restrictions and various crowd control incidents, the quest for luxury continued to skyrocket. Service companies in the luxury boat and yacht rental industry found it difficult to meet these demands except for Yacht Hampton, who made it a point to be the source for people and their quest for luxury. 

Yacht Hampton is a boat rental service company operating out of the Hamptons, notably in Sag Harbor and East Hampton New York. The company set out to provide luxury boat rental services to patrons looking to experience newer frontiers or host their events while sailing the sea. With an entire 11+ fleet of boats/yachts available on Yacht Hampton (formerly known as Hamptons Boat Rental), customers enjoy competitive price options while choosing from a large fleet of boats. They can also avoid the last-minute rush that is most commonly associated with other companies that could not handle the demand surge due to the pandemic and lack of vessels.

Speaking of the surge in demand, CEO Joe Ialacci said, “Yacht Hampton’s chartered boat rentals are available for any occasion including sunset cruises, corporate events, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, weddings, or any other special occasion. All charters include a USCG licensed captain, and each excursion is unique, featuring hidden locations in the waters of the Hamptons. In addition, a wide and impressive collection of futuristic luxury water toys found on Bravo’s “Below Deck” yachts is also available, including jet skis, hydrofoil hoverboards, electric surfboards, and paddleboards floating islands, tubes and more.

Yacht Hampton is meeting the needs of fun and adventure seekers who might not own their boats. This, according to Joe Ialacci, is the core of what stands the rental company apart from its competitors because not only does it possess more boats in its fleet, it has the ownership of them all. In addition, through an exclusive boating club, boat aficionados can realize their dreams of a luxury boating experience. 

At the moment, being able to provide the proportional demand to the increased supply in the rental business, however, five years from now, Joe foresees a situation where the company is the number one boat rental company servicing the entire Hamptons area and South Florida in its entirety. “Now we are expanding to other markets. We’ll be in a luxe market soon and be able to service all of South Florida.”

Yacht Hampton, earlier in May, launched an exclusive VIP boating club for the 2021 season. A  VIP access to a fleet of new and luxurious boats and yachts, including five vessels that are 2021 models hitting the water for their maiden voyage.  

Members may experience the luxury boating/yachting lifestyle safely without the hassle and prohibitive costs of ownership, including dockage, maintenance, insurance and winter storage.

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Country: United States

Media contact: Joe Ialacci

Company: Yacht Hampton 


Phone number: +1-631-500-7777


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