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100,000 Square Foot Office Conversion by NOBÉL Design Studio

100,000 Square Foot Office Conversion by NOBÉL Design Studio
Photo Courtesy: Swipe AG

Picture this: a design narrative that’s as diverse as the cultures it draws inspiration from together with a modern digital flair. NOBÉL’s ideology – The perfect fusion of design, craft, and technology, resulting in homes and commercial spaces that are nothing short of spectacular.

In response to the ever-growing demand for innovative and functional work environments, the trend of repurposing older structures into modern office spaces has gained momentum. This transformative approach not only maximizes the utility of existing buildings but also aligns with the sustainable ethos of adapting rather than demolishing.

One notable player leading this trend is NOBÉL LA Design Studio. Established in 2012, NOBÉL has quickly became a place where innovation goes hand in hand with timeless elegance in the world of upscale bespoke real estate development. This California-based design and architecture powerhouse is not just a player in the game – it’s a trendsetter, leading the charge in the digital revolution that’s reshaping the landscape of modern living.

Led by the talented Creative Director, Max Nobel, the studio is a testament to the highest standards of European quality in materials and architecture, intricate design ideas, and an excellent team behind each project. 

Notable Projects

NOBÉL’s star,  the Benedict Mansion – the design was focused on incorporating natural elements, such as wood and stone finishes, along with installations featuring living greenery. Notably, this unique approach extends to the meticulous lighting design, where the intensity and placement of light elements highlight the mansion’s impressive welcoming ambiance.

From the grand driveway to the sprawling courtyard, every inch of this two-story gem screams NOBÉL’’s signature style – wood, textured walls, marble, and custom brass elements come together in the brilliance of this space.

After the Benedict House’s phenomenal fame and countless media hits, one of the clients came to Max with a 100,000-square-foot commercial endeavour – the biggest project at the studio to date. 

This NOBÉL’s gem is a stunning Nordhoff Project – a living testament to the evolution of office spaces. 

The team is equipped with all the needed skills and knowledge to take on a project of such calibre and doesn’t shy away from the mind-bending work to convert a massive giant into a multi-functional and daring office. 

Nordhoff is a commercial building that is being converted into high-end working space, in the bustling, up-in-coming area of the city. Cutting-edge technology, customized ergonomic workstations, and a spa are just a fraction of what this space will offer at its compilation. 

In the signature NOBÉL style, all the materials are carefully selected and brought directly from Italy: from brass-coated glass partitions to add the bronzy mesh tint to all the best Italian furniture brands like Minotti and Baxter – all come together to become a part of Nordhoff Project. This brave NOBÉL blend of functionality and serenity establishes a new benchmark for office design for any future projects in the industry.

100,000 Square Foot Office Conversion by NOBÉL Design Studio

Photo Courtesy: Swipe AG

What sets NOBÉL Design Studio apart?

It’s not just the impressive footprint across Europe and the United States; it’s the artful blend of the finest European materials and cutting-edge construction technology that makes their creations stand out. Imagine the perfect mix of textures, colours, and forms coming together to create spaces that go beyond the ordinary.

NOBÉL tears the envelope wide open when it comes to their projects. Leveraging the latest in digital advances the studio brings ideas to life with mind-blowing customized renderings. From start to finish the workflow is seamless and methodically thought-through to make it client-centric. Firstly, the process starts with identifying clients’ goals and exploring all the interior design possibilities with architectural references to visualize the project’s direction. Next up, the creation of 3D renderings of the building’s exterior as well as illustrated floor plans. After all the plans and ideas are finalized, everything comes together in detailed and intricate 3D floor plans that will take the client through the real deal of what their future space would look like. Last but not least is the contraction with onsite design supervision that makes sure the ideas come to life exactly as they are visualized. 

NOBÉL’s 3D renderings are a true representation of what the final place will look like, the before and after imagery is there to prove it. 

These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill blueprints; they’re virtual journeys through future spaces, where every nook and cranny is meticulously detailed in stunning 3D – a sneak peek into a world where imagination meets reality.

100,000 Square Foot Office Conversion by NOBÉL Design Studio

Photo Courtesy: Swipe AG

Creative High-End Interior

But NOBÉL isn’t just about bricks and mortar studio, it’s about actions and ideas that breathe life into dreams. Digital-savvy interior designers work their magic, turning visions into tangible reality. And with a global network of premier European suppliers, NOBÉL ensures that every project gets access to the crème de la crème of materials.

As the story of NOBÉL LA Design Studio continues, it’s more than just a tale of construction and design; it’s a narrative of innovation and a fiery commitment to bringing visions to life. In every project they undertake, NOBÉL creates living, breathing works of art that resonate with the heartbeat of the digital age. 

Welcome to the future of design.


Published By: Aize Perez

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