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6 Luxurious Gifts for New Moms That Won’t Break the Bank

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Birth is a miracle, but it certainly isn’t easy. Women go through so much in order to bring a new little life into the world. First, they struggle with morning sickness. Then suddenly their clothes don’t fit anymore. It’s a challenge to find a comfortable position to sleep in — but they are tired all the time. Emotions go haywire, but in the end, it’s all worth it when they look into their baby’s eyes and hold them for the first time. 

Celebrate the miracle that the mama in your life created by gifting her something luxurious. Many birth gifts are for the baby, including little blankets, cozy onesies, toys, and books. But Mama deserves something, too, for all the hard work she put in over the past nine months — not to mention the multiple hours of labor.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to shower the new mom in your life with love and attention. Our list includes practical options like a new breast pump or pair of cozy maternity leggings, plus more romantic options like designer jewelry and fragrances. Whatever you choose, remember what means the most to any new mom is to know that all her hard work is appreciated. 

1. A Birthstone Necklace From Daniel’s Jewelers

Giving birth to a baby is no easy feat. First, the new mom in your life had to spend nine months sharing her body, only to spend hours using all her strength to push that new life out. Of course, she’s so happy to meet this new little person she brought into the world, but she also deserves something sparkly to celebrate all her hard work.

A chic birthstone necklace is a timeless gift to share with the new mom in your life. She’ll be able to wear it for years to commemorate the day she brought her baby into the world. Choose a pendant made of gold, silver, or platinum so it will last for years to come without tarnishing. 

Find gorgeous birthstone necklaces at Daniel’s Jewelers. They have an array of options, from simple heart pendants to stunning halo-surrounded stones. Their credit options make purchasing high-quality jewelry more affordable.   

2. NW Mama Leggings From Naked Wardrobe

Luxurious Gifts

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The new mama’s body has gone through a lot of changes in the last nine months. During both pre and postpartum, she isn’t going to be too keen on wearing constraining clothing with an uncomfortable waistband. Soft, cozy items that hug her bump to offer support without being constricting are a new mom’s best friend. 

The soft and supple NW Mama Leggings from Naked Wardrobe are precisely what all new mamas want to wear through pregnancy and postpartum. The double-lined stretch fabric prevents them from being too thin to wear out and about, but they are cozy enough to wear while cuddling her new baby on the couch all day.

The high-waisted design on the NW leggings will give her the extra support she needs as she recovers after giving birth. Even though it may take a while for her to feel like her body is back to normal, these soft leggings will give her sleek lines so she feels confident in her skin.   

3. BabyBuddha’s Portable Battery-Operated Breast Pump

Every new mom needs a high-quality breast pump. Pumping early can help the baby and mom get used to bottle feeding before Mom’s maternity leave is up. Initially, Mom may be breastfeeding her baby at home during maternity leave, but eventually, Mom may have to return to the office, which will require her to start pumping. 

If your friend or family member is a working mom who is always on the go, her breast pump needs to be portable and easy to use. The BabyBuddha Breast Pump is the smallest on the market, with its pump being smaller than the size of a smartphone. She can quickly and conveniently pump at the office with the BabyBuddha hanging from a lanyard around her neck. 

Once back in the office, you’ll need to pump fairly often to keep up your milk supply. Most working moms pump every three to four hours for about 15 minutes at a time. While this may seem like a lot, it directly reflects how often you’d feed if you were home with your baby. A quality pump, like the one from BabyBuddha, is essential to working moms’ ability to continue their breastfeeding journey once they get back to the office. 

4. A Quality Nursing Bra That Looks Like Lingerie From Seraphine 

Whether the mom in your life is breastfeeding at home, pumping at work, or combining the two, she will need a nursing bra to give her easy access to the source. Unlike traditional bras, nursing bras have a detachable front panel that unclips while still providing support. 

The maternity and loungewear collection from Seraphine features over-the-bump panties and matching soft and supportive nursing bras to help the new mama feel sexy while she goes through all these changes. These beautiful nursing bras feature lace accents and look more like lingerie than traditional nursing bras. 

Even though she’s home with the baby all day at first, the new mom in your life still wants to feel beautiful and cherished. Wearing lingerie can help her feel more at home in her skin. Plus, Seraphine’s products offer a structured and supportive shape without underwire, so Mama stays comfy and cozy at home or in the office.    

5. CBD Oil From Veritas Farms To Help Mama’s Furry Friend Adjust to a Baby in the House

While the mom in your life has undoubtedly done everything to help prepare the dog for meeting the new baby, many dogs still feel anxious once the time comes. Bringing home a tiny new human who cries all the time and takes all of Mom’s attention can be very overwhelming for our furry friends. If the new mom in your life is also a dog mom, her canine companion may need some help adjusting to the new routine. 

Full spectrum CBD oil for dogs from Veritas Farms can help ease feelings of tension and promote calm behavior. They have a 250mg dosage for smaller breed dogs and a 500mg dosage for larger breeds. The oil is made from Colorado-grown non-GMO hemp and coconut oil and comes in dog-friendly flavors like bacon and chicken. 

Mom may be worried about bringing the new baby home to meet her puppy pal. Using CBD oil to help her dog chill out can also take any extra stress away from Mom. Now everyone can focus on starting their new routine with the newest member of their family. 

6. A Fresh New Fragrance With Help From Editorialist

Luxurious Gifts

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Bringing a new baby home introduces a plethora of new smells. There is nothing quite like leaning down and smelling that powdery fresh scent of a baby’s head — but not all the smells a new baby makes will be quite so lovely. Babies need many diaper changes, which can leave new moms feeling stinky. 

Gift the mom in your life with a luxurious new fragrance from Maison Margiela’s Replica perfume dossier. Editorialist’s rave review describes these scents as transporting you to places you’ve been and using smell to evoke memories. 

While the new mom in your life may be at home all day for the next few weeks settling in with her new baby, a spritz of the right perfume can immediately transport her to the seashore, a snazzy jazz club, or a cheery lemon grove. Plus, many of these fragrances are unisex, meaning Dad can enjoy them too. 

Do What You Can To Treat Her Like the Queen She Is 

Gifting the new mom in your life with a sparkling necklace from Daniel’s Jewelers, a useful BabyBuddha breast pump, or a pair of new leggings from Naked Wardrobe is sure to make her feel like a queen. But luxury starts to mean something different when you are in those first few weeks postpartum. 

Even if you have no money to spend, there are so many ways to bring simple luxuries to your friend’s or family member’s life through small acts of service. Bringing a new baby home can feel isolating to many new moms. Everything about her world has changed. Taking the time to visit her and check in can be one of the most important gifts you can share. 

Offer to pick up groceries or drop off dinner to take some stress off Mama’s load. Visit with her and the baby and watch the newborn for an hour so that Mom can take a shower. Nothing is more luxurious than thoroughly washing your hair in those early days. 

Do both, and shower the new mom with gifts and acts of service to help celebrate her stepping into motherhood. She deserves to be celebrated for creating the miracle of life.

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