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65% of U.S. Instagram Users Have a Real Tree for this Christmas — Report

65% of U.S. Instagram Users Have a Real Tree for this Christmas — Report
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As Christmas approaches, homes across America are adorned with a festive symbol—the Christmas Tree. The tradition of decorating trees has roots in Riga, Latvia, where local merchants’ guild members adorned a tree with artificial roses, danced around it, and eventually set it ablaze. The rose, symbolizing the Virgin Mary, became a cherished tradition.

In the 1820s, Christmas started gaining popularity in America, and by the 1830s, the country saw its first Christmas tree. Today, a common holiday dilemma persists: the choice between an artificial or real tree. According to Reputation House’s 2023 report, 65% of American Instagram users opt for a live tree, while 35% prefer a faux Christmas tree.

These statistics are derived from extensive research covering over 110,000 Instagram mentions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and various European countries. The study spans eight languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, French, German, and others.

The gathered data from all participating countries reveals that 53% of Instagram users show a preference for real Christmas trees over artificial ones. The Guardian sheds light on the reasons behind such choices:

  1. Nothing can surpass the delightful scent of a real Christmas tree.
  2. Selecting a real tree becomes a memorable family experience enjoyed by all.
  3. One acre of Christmas trees generates enough oxygen for 18 people daily.
  4. Choosing real trees supports small tree farms in the USA.
  5. Real trees are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  6. The increasing demand for Christmas trees is beneficial for the environment, contributing to guilt-free consumption.
  7. Christmas trees can thrive in soil unsuitable for other crops.

Beyond the pursuit of authenticity, the inclination towards real Christmas trees on Instagram may also reflect a heightened awareness of environmental sustainability. Users are increasingly turning away from artificial trees, often composed of non-biodegradable materials, in favor of real trees that can be recycled or composted. This shift aligns with a broader societal move towards eco-friendly practices, even in our festive traditions.

65% of U.S. Instagram Users Have a Real Tree for this Christmas — Report

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On Instagram, both female and male authors overwhelmingly chose live Christmas trees for this holiday season, with 58% and 60%, respectively. The same report says that non-binary authors stood out as the only group where the majority opted for a faux Christmas tree.

The decision to go artificial is often driven by factors like cost, longevity, and easy setup without the mess. While experts continue to debate the eco-friendliness of the two approaches, Instagram users express a diverse range of opinions on the matter.

65% of U.S. Instagram Users Have a Real Tree for this Christmas — Report

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Among all participating countries, Germany stands out as a country where 96% of Instagram users favor artificial Christmas trees. There’s an ongoing discussion about the suitability of high-quality artificial trees as a new eco-friendly trend. Despite this, Statista reports that approximately 30 million Christmas trees are sold in Germany every year, showing a slight increase compared to previous years.

The choice between a fake or real Christmas tree is really up to you. What’s most important is spending the holidays with family, looking forward to fun surprises. Whether it’s an artificial or live tree, these evergreen beauties bring families closer, making special moments as we all deck the halls with lights, tinsel, and favorite ornaments, each one carrying sweet family memories. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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