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7 Reasons Why you Need a Crossbody Phone Case in 2023

Crossbody Phone Case
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If you have been in any major city this year, you will quickly notice that more and more people are carrying their phone around their neck. There are many great reasons why it’s better to keep a strap on your phone in 2023, especially if you constantly misplace or drop your phone! 

Keebos, the leading crossbody phone case brand out of Venice Beach, California, is a must-have for anyone that wants to stay handsfree in style in 2023 .

Since people have been raving about these convenient yet fashionable phone cases. We made a list to present you with all the benefits and top reasons why you need a crossbody case this year.

  • Avoid Dropping, Misplacing, and Losing your Fragile Smartphone

We all know the shock and utter disappointment of dropping your prized smartphone: It falls. Time stands still. You freeze momentarily. Then you pick it up and carefully turn it over–praying the screen didn’t fracture into a billion slivers of sadness. It happens to the best of us. 

If you’re lucky, you escape this ordeal with your screen intact enough to decipher messages and guesstimate who’s in a photo!. Unfortunately, expensive smartphones often break upon impact. So it’s critical to not only protect against the impact, but also against dropping the phone in the first place. With a Keebos phone case, you no longer have to feel your heart jump out of your chest when you drop your phone. Instead, your phone is safely held by your case, securely draped over your shoulder or around your neck by its adjustable strap. 

  • Carry just the Essentials Using the Convenient Wallet for Cards and Cash. 

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Sometimes, less is more! When you want to step out with just the essentials, a purse or backpack might be a bit too much. Keep it simple and bring just your crossbody case. It keeps your phone safe and also includes a convenient card wallet for your cards and cash, so you have everything you need. Plus, Keebos crossbody cases feature a finger strap on the wallet to help you hold larger smartphones in just one hand. You can also attach a key clip to the phone case to really have everything in one place. This is the perfect solution for every multitasker!

  • Adapt to the Day’s Hurdles, with Keebos’ Various Straps.

Let’s state the obvious: The straps are the main feature that draws most cross body case aficionados to Keebos cases over others. You can choose among various colors and kinds of straps to find the one that matches both your personality and intended use. Wear your phone over your shoulder, or around your neck to stay handsfree and carefree! The durable yet comfortable straps come in pretty colors and patterns, different materials, and even feature various clips and fastenings to choose from. These many options really allow you to personalize your case based on your individual look. Don’t forget to add some extra straps in different colors to your checkout cart to maximize the possibilities down the line. 

  • Every Little bit Helps: A Tree is Planted Along with your Purchase of a Keebos crossbody case.

Unleash the inner tree-hugger in you! For every Keebos purchased, a tree is planted. Whether for shade, animal habitats, oxygen, or various critical paper supplies, there are tons of reasons to help support a healthy environment by planting trees. Buying one case is an easy way to do just that! Also the packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. For more information, check out the Keebos Promise page. 

  • Spotted: Stars Love Keebos, too!

Ever pause your favorite TV show to gasp “I want THAT!” about an accessory or outfit a character is wearing? Crossbody phone cases aren’t just popular on TV—celebs have been spotted out on the town wearing their Keebos! From TV stars like Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin to fashion icon Joy Corrigan and even Miss Germany ‘22 Domitilia Barros—you’ll be in good company with your new Keebos! If you have watched Emily in Paris, you will notice that her boss Madeleine is wearing a crossbody phone case that helps her stay handsfree throughout the whole season. 

  • Phone Lanyard for Every Occasion:

One of the reasons customers love having a cute lanyard on their phone case is that they find it helpful in all sorts of situations. Having an extra hand free is always a good thing—whether you’re running errands with the kids, going on a hike, traveling or just like to keep your phone easily accessible even when you don’t have a pocket or purse for it! 

  • Experience Live to the Fullest and Discover New Looks.

Crossbody phone cases are here to stay! Check out Keebos the case that has all your favorite features like an adjustable and detachable strap, a cardholder, an elastic finger strap to hold larger smartphones, and many trendy options to add a pop to any outfit!


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