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A New Family Paradigm for Better Mental Health

Terri Britt
Photo Credit To: Terri Britt

Amidst a backdrop of societal pressures that urge conformity, performance, and the prioritization of others’ needs over our own, it comes as no surprise that many individuals grapple with mental health challenges and an inner sense of unrest. However, envision a novel path, a profound shift in perspective capable not only of revolutionizing our personal lives but also fostering a ripple effect of healing within our families. Terri Britt, renowned as a former Miss USA, TEDx speaker, award-winning author, spiritual coach, and the visionary behind Women Leaders of Love Global Community, espouses the belief that this transformation is within our grasp through the embrace of a New Family Paradigm—one firmly grounded in the practice of unconditional self-love and the elevation of our Worthiness Quotient.

Terri’s journey towards this profound realization began when she won the title of Miss USA in 1982. At that time, she was deeply entrenched in the belief that self-denial equaled love. She almost gave up her crown because she didn’t want her success to cause suffering for her boyfriend. This old belief that “self-denial equals love” carried over into her family when she became a wife and mom. However, instead of feeling loving, she often found herself becoming angry and controlling. She would wear a happy-face mask and suppress herself until she eventually blew up. She knew that she was perpetuating a cycle of lack, and she also understood that if she didn’t change, her kids would grow up experiencing the same mental distress that she had

Recognizing the need for change, Terri embarked on a journey of healing that involved meditation and energetic healing. For the first time, she experienced peace and began to love herself unconditionally. She stopped performing and started embracing her true self, and in doing so, she created a new paradigm for her family. 

Terri’s journey of self-discovery and self-love had a profound impact on her family dynamics. Her relationship with her husband grew more intimate and passionate, and her children stopped fighting. This transformation inspired Terri to dedicate over two decades to helping women and their families heal by teaching them to embrace a New Family Paradigm.

At the heart of this paradigm is the concept of the Worthiness Quotient (WQ), which measures our openness to receiving love, nurturing, and abundance from the universe simply by being ourselves. In the Old Family Paradigm, based on Poverty Consciousness, individuals often deny their true selves and struggle with resentment, anger, blame, and feelings of inadequacy. Society often perpetuates this mindset, with people working tirelessly to prove their worthiness.

The New Family Paradigm is based in Prosperity Consciousness. Here is where the parents are committed to healing and loving themselves unconditionally so they raise their Worthiness Quotients and open up to receive unlimited abundance. Relationships and daily situations are seen as gifts to learn about yourself. Kindness, compassion and self-forgiveness are key ingredients.

In this New Family Paradigm, you own your worth, sending out an energetic message that says, “I am enough. And I am worthy of receiving love and life’s rewards simply for being me.” And because energy always attracts similar energy, abundance shows up and life begins to flow with grace and ease. Peace, balance and joy become the norm. You become a thriving example for your family.

You give your family the greatest opportunity for love, happiness and success, AND tremendous mental health when you raise your Worthiness Quotient and shift into the New Family Paradigm of unconditional self-love.

Terri Britt’s message is a beacon of hope. The New Family Paradigm offers a path to mental health, happiness, and fulfillment, not just for ourselves but for our entire families. It’s a reminder that true love begins with self-love, and that, in turn, can create a more loving and harmonious world for all. Her mission is to guide families toward this profound transformation. She offers a path to raising your Worthiness Quotient and shifting into the New Family Paradigm of unconditional self-love.
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