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A Symphony of Diverse Voices: BBN Creative Management and its Inspiring Clients

A Symphony of Diverse Voices: BBN Creative Management and its Inspiring Clients
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In the grand orchestra of keynote speaking, unique voices are not just heard—they resonate. This is the ethos driving Blair Bryant Nichols and his renowned management company, BBN Creative Management. Nichols and his diverse clientele such as—John Livesay, Dr. Vivienne Ming, and Bradley Schurman—contribute distinctive narratives, illustrating the power of diverse voices in reshaping our world.

Blair Bryant Nichols: Celebrating Diversity

Shifting from representing authors to managing an array of professionals—entrepreneurs, founders, executives, celebrities—Nichols has curated a symphony of diverse voices. With a background spanning an MBA from UCLA-Anderson and a BA in Literature from American University, Nichols has a unique appreciation for a myriad of perspectives, but it was the discrimination and challenge fee he faced as a gay man that inspired his focus on underrepresented talent. His management of Livesay, Ming, and Schurman reflects this profound understanding of the importance of representation and diversity, in particular for the LGBTQ community and Pride month this June. 

Dr. Vivienne Ming: Championing Human Potential

Dr. Vivienne Ming, lauded as one of the “10 Women to Watch in Tech” by Inc. Magazine, embodies the power of human potential. Ming’s career is marked by trailblazing innovations in the world of neuroscience and technology, challenging convention, and amplifying the importance of diversity in thought and invention. Her commitment to using technology for societal good, both professionally and personally, serves as an inspiring testament to the capacity of diverse voices to effect meaningful change.

John Livesay: Crafting Captivating Narratives

John Livesay, known as “The Pitch Whisperer,” transforms sales through the power of storytelling. With a career rich in achievement and a renowned TEDx talk, “Be The Lifeguard of Your Own Life,” Livesay embodies the power of individual narratives. His work—spanning authorship, lectureship, and sales—encourages each of us to harness our unique stories to stand out in the crowd, a powerful testament to diversity’s strength.

Bradley Schurman: Deciphering Our Demographic Destiny

Bradley Schurman gives voice to the unspoken narrative of our aging global population. His nuanced understanding of demographic shifts and his groundbreaking work with The Super Age underscore the power of diversity across generations. Schurman’s insights challenge societal norms and prompt us to envision a future where diversity is not merely respected—it’s celebrated.

BBN Creative Management

Blair Bryant Nichols and BBN Creative Management distinguish themselves by elevating an ensemble of unique, compelling voices. We celebrate the indelible influence of Dr. Vivienne Ming, John Livesay, and Bradley Schurman, whose powerful narratives inject hope and reveal the profound influence of novel, varied viewpoints. Collectively, they redefine the keynote speaking scene, unveiling a rich tapestry of voices that often go unheard. We’re living in the dawn of a new era where the resonance of diversity shapes our collective consciousness. 

Now It’s your turn to participate in this transformative journey. Connect with BBN Creative Management, tap into the wisdom of these trailblazing voices, and align yourself with the vanguard of change. Welcome this diversity, expand your horizons, and collaborate with us to mold a new keynote speaking landscape. Your unique voice is the missing note in our symphony.

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