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Aaron Godwin Engineers Financial Certainty

Instead of telling you what he does for a living, Aaron would prefer to tell you what he believes. “I believe that owing less money is the exact same thing as making more money and is a necessary precondition to building wealth. I help people to take back control of their money without the canned advice from financial celebrities. I have helped hundreds of families get on the right path to financial freedom.”

Even the smartest people need a lot of help when it comes to their finances. It’s a tough nut to crack, and it takes a lot of skills and expertise to build wealth that’s sustainable. Fortunately, the “Engineer of Wealth,” Aaron Godwin, is here to do the following things: help smart people see the math behind money, help employees transition to entrepreneurship, and help entrepreneurs invest back into their business.

In other words, Aaron Godwin helps his clients acquire generational wealth and frees them from any debt that they have incurred. Though he’s known for much of his success as a financial authority, he actually began his career in a much more different field. Eventually, he took a leap of faith and landed where he is now, using his extensive finance knowledge to help others build upon their own success.

Much like his moniker implies, Aaron Godwin used to be a mechanical engineer.  He also served in the U.S. Navy for nine years as a nuclear machinist mate. After completing his time in the service, Aaron earned his mechanical engineer degree from West Texas A&M University and then proceeded to work for a United States Department of Energy nuclear facility.

As a lifelong learner and a passionate engineer, he pursued his Master of Science in System Engineering and Engineering Management from Texas Tech University. 

Although, things started to change when he was in the process of completing his course. Aaron Godwin eventually found himself becoming deeply interested in financial planning and the statistics of retirement savings. This slow burner initially started his deep passion for finance and building wealth.

That’s not to say that he had a difficult life either. He lived a picture-perfect life through his mechanical engineering job, playing golf and watching his kids perform in their sports and dance recitals. Despite all of that, he always found himself often dreaming of what life would be like if he took control of his career without relying on his engineering firm.

Aaron found himself and his money stuck in a contract with the government. He did not have a say on the matter, and he lost all control of the outcome. It was starting to feel like the beginning of the end, and he thought he had plunged into rock bottom. Fortunately, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

He began handling his own finances as if it were a business. He became engrossed in his passion for finance, helping other engineers manage their money effectively. In a short period, he built his finance practice working alongside a financial brokerage company. Later on, he decided that he wanted to practice independently, and so he did.

This became the start of Aaron Godwin’s powerhouse financial company online. Nowadays, he shares his exclusive and unique approach to building generational wealth with his clients. While most agencies focus on retirement, investments, savings, and protection in that particular order, the “Engineer of Wealth” flips the structure around, making protection his top priority.

Aaron Godwin firmly believes that people should protect what they have. “You save for emergencies and opportunities. Your number one investment is yourself,” explains Aaron.

Overall, Aaron Godwin wants his clients to have the flexibility to do whatever they want. He wants them to achieve true financial freedom through his engineered wealth solutions. He strives to help them attain the flexibility to establish their own business ventures, travel the entire world, and take care of their sick loved ones. In the near future, he hopes to help at least 500 families establish a generational wealth plan. With the way things are going now, the “Engineer of Wealth” looks to be reaching his goals sooner rather than later.

To know more about Aaron Godwin, make sure to visit his official website.

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