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Actor and Motivational Influencer, Nick Laureano Inspires Others Through His Clothing Brand “Only the Motivated”

Motivation is the fuel that helps each and every one of us power through the day. Lately, there has been a trend of people slowly losing motivation letting life’s troubles get the best of them. Fortunately, Nick Laureano fully understands what it takes to inspire others, as he has also felt alone, unmotivated, and faced with challenges countless times in his life. Yet, he emerged victorious despite all the obstacles, and he hopes to inspire the same level of confidence among others by utilizing his platform for the greater good.

Nick Laureano founded Only The Motivated Clothing so that he could motivate other people, most especially the youth who find themselves at the crosshairs of society’s major issues. The actor and motivational influencer hope to instill in others the importance of hard work, perseverance and trusting their struggle. The brand is a manifestation of Nick’s efforts to motivate other people on a larger scale.

As an expert content creator, Nick Laureano utilizes content to identify and pick out the everyday struggles of individuals and inspire confidence within them. He understands that everybody has a story to tell, and each story is unique and personal. “Everyone has a story, but when you do, the rest of your script is on you,” said Nick. “This brand is a reflection of who I am and what I want to be remembered for. I want to go down as the one man who never gave in to what people said he could be, did it on his terms and left not just an impact but an influence on others so they can use those tools to do wonders for generations to come,” he added. 

Apart from his acting career, Nick Laureano is also a motivational leader who hopes to inspire others through his craft because he knows how tough things can get. ”I know what it’s like to be broke and have nothing to show for it. I told myself no matter how much success I obtain, I have to remain vigilant because all I’ve worked for can get easily taken away,” explained Nick. “I want to be remembered as a great actor and a motivational figure who not only starred in amazing films but motivated every individual he came across in such a powerful measure,” he added.

Nick Laureano is a beacon of light for individuals all over the world. He uses his platform to create inspiring and thought-provoking content that pushes people to get motivated. “I make content on social media through videos and quotes to push others who feel they have lost all sense of who they are and what their life’s path is meant to entail,” he explained. 

As he pushes for motivation in others, Nick Laureano also found motivation within himself to establish his own clothing brand, Only The Motivated. “I enjoy seeing others smile and thriving at their peak. That brings me bliss and fulfills me to keep going as well. Everyone I come across whether I know them or not.” With his passion for helping others, Nick Laureano’s brand is destined to thrive and reach the top by inspiring people one day at a time. To know more about the amazing Nick Laureano, check out his official website. Follow his Instagram page for live updates.

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