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Actor TJ Jackson Uncovers the Truth to Stardom

People work their way into television and movie projects through various strategies. Others use influence and connections, and others have to rely on good old hard work to make it into the scene. TJ Jackson has taken the latter route, and while he admits that it has been challenging, he has done more to prove how much hard work can pay off in the world of entertainment and continues to make his way up the ladder of entertainment success. 

TJ didn’t start as an influencer or personality. Instead, his breaks in the film industry have come because of his love and dedication to the craft and his relentless tenacity. Born to Jonathan Jackson and Yvonne Wilson in Tyler, Texas, TJ first experienced acting during his senior year at Glen Burnie Highschool in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Later on, he would become part of the Hampton Players, a student-run production at Hampton University that experienced considerable success. From that point on, TJ Jackson never wanted to be anywhere else but in movies and entertainment.

The actor’s first big break came back in 2003 when he won a role on the Chris Rock comedy film Head of State. In 2016, he would get his first significant role in the short film Swing, where he played Sean, the husband and marriage counselor who was going through a divorce. The following year, TJ Jackson would find a place in film production, too, as he would take on the role of producer on the TV series known as Gritz, then gain eight credits as a producer.

TJ draws inspiration from his idols Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington. Over the years, he developed a knack for acting and production. Currently, he has a slew of filmography entries for minor roles, which get bigger and bigger with time and has also produced several movies. In addition, TJ played parts in popular TV shows like American Soul, where he played the part of a recurring recording studio manager, and the hit DC film series Doom Patrol, where he appeared as a bartender in the episode entitled Frances Patrol. He also appeared in multiple episodes in The Real Ratchets of Atlanta, Fatal Attraction, and Metropolitan as a recurring character. 

Jackson also played a part in the upcoming Hulu headliner Vacation Friends, which stars iconic personalities like John Cena, Meredith Hagner, and Lil Rel Howery. Moreover, he regularly appears on FOX Television Network, BET Network, ID Network, Hulu, Disney, and ABC. The actor has also received an award for best local actor in the 2019 72 Hour Film Festival. 

As a multi-hyphenate film professional who can play various roles and even work in the background to help productions come together, TJ Jackson brings value to many projects. He’s willing to do whatever it takes and work twice as hard as anyone on a set, both on and off camera. He believes in the power of perseverance and has exemplified that in his career and work. TJ hopes to continue his trajectory towards film success as he has many more projects in the works. He will be playing roles in more upcoming films like Out of Anger, F-Boy Free, Same Spot, and many others. Learn more about TJ Jackson by visiting his IMDB profile and website.

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