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Adam Larkin: A Visionary Entrepreneur, Recovery Advocate, and Social Media Luminary

Adam Larkin
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Adam Larkin, a prominent American entrepreneur from Saratoga Springs, New York, is making waves nationwide with his remarkable journey and multifaceted endeavors. Featured in notable publications such as CEO WEEKLY, The Los Angeles Wire, New York Weekly, the US Insider, and Recovery Today Magazine, Adam Larkin’s inspiring story and contributions to various fields are now taking center stage in the US Reporter.

Adam Larkin’s dynamic career and unwavering commitment to promoting positive change have made him a household name. Currently residing in Southeastern Kentucky, he tirelessly traverses the nation from coast to coast, spearheading his clothing company, Gitt Apparel. As the CEO and Co-Founder of GITT Apparel, a brand synonymous with “Get in the Truck,” he is on a mission to motivate and inspire individuals daily.

Gitt Apparel isn’t just about fashion; it’s a movement that encourages a holistic approach to life, emphasizing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. With an impressive presence in 41 states and rapid expansion, Gitt Apparel is becoming a beacon of inspiration and empowerment.

“Adam Larkin’s journey exemplifies the essence of ‘Gitt up and do something different,'” said Jeannette Johnson, Adam’s sister and Co-Founder of GITT Apparel. “We want people to Gitt motivated, Gitt inspired, and Gitt what they want out of life. Our brand is all about inspiring individuals to be better versions of themselves.”

Adam’s influence extends beyond the realm of fashion. With over four years of continuous sobriety since May 7, 2019, he has become a leading advocate for recovery. Through his personal story and dedication to the cause, Adam has touched countless lives nationwide.

In addition to his work with Gitt Apparel, Adam Larkin serves as the Director of Community Outreach and Social Media Consultant for New Hope Counseling Recovery LLC in Southeastern Kentucky. He collaborates closely with Keith Lakes, the CEO and Founder of New Hope, and considers him a spiritual mentor and positive influence. Together, they share a passion for helping those struggling with addiction.

Adam Larkin

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New Hope Counseling and Recovery operates three facilities in Southeastern Kentucky, Barbourville, London, and Manchester, with a fourth opening soon in Pineville, KY. Their commitment to authentic, client-focused care sets them apart in an industry marked by impersonal alternatives. Unlike some treatment center facilities that prioritize insurance billing over progress, New Hope provides resources and support for clients to reintegrate into society successfully.

“We’re not here to hinder our clients; we’re here to empower them,” Adam emphasizes. New Hope offers a wide range of services, including targeted case management, individual and family counseling, mental health counseling, DUI classes, anger management classes, medically assisted treatment, in-person and virtual intensive outpatient programs, youth intensive outpatient programs, and resources for housing, food, shelter, GED programs, college, and more.

One of Adam Larkin’s notable achievements this year was the 2nd Annual Gitt Recovery Celebration in London, Kentucky. The event drew over 1,300 attendees and featured free food, live music, inspiring speakers, and a wealth of resource tables. Held in September to coincide with National Recovery Month, the event received national recognition and was featured on the National Recovery Month website.

In recognition of the tremendous impact of the 2nd Annual Gitt Recovery Celebration in London, Kentucky, the Mayor of London, KY, showed unwavering support for this remarkable event. In a gesture of deep appreciation, the Mayor signed a proclamation officially declaring the 2nd Saturday in September as “Gitt Recovery Day” in honor of this annual gathering. This proclamation solidifies the event’s significance within the community and serves as a testament to its dedication to promoting recovery, resilience, and hope. The Gitt Recovery Celebration continues to grow in stature, touching the lives of countless individuals on their journey to recovery.

Adam Larkin’s dedication to spreading awareness and fostering support for recovery extends to the media. He has made numerous appearances on TV shows, radio, newspapers, and other media outlets over the past year, reaching a wide audience with his inspirational message.

“I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to share my story and help others,” Adam remarks. “It’s not just about the brand or the business; it’s about making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

As a social media consultant, Adam Larkin uses his expertise to assist businesses with their social media advertising and marketing strategies. His marketing and video editing skills are both precise and strategic, evident by his substantial following on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. With nearly 6,000 followers on YouTube, Adam is poised to monetize his channel, just as he has with Facebook and Instagram, by creating engaging content and providing video editing services to other businesses. Adam currently has 192,000 followers on Instagram and 57, 000 on Facebook.

For those seeking inspiration, insight, and motivation, Adam Larkin invites everyone to follow him on social media, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and explore Gitt Apparel’s website at He believes that by sharing his journey and his mission, he can help individuals across the nation realize their potential and inspire them to “Gitt with the program…don’t Gitt left behind! Inspire to be better!” 

New, exciting things are coming as Adam plans to take Gitt Apparel to Italy with his renewed passport, expanding the brand’s reach and impact on an international scale.

To stay updated on Adam’s inspiring journey and the latest updates from GITT Apparel, visit the official website. You can also follow him on Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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