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Adrian Hernandez from a Traditional Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Entrepreneur

Adrian Hernandez is a Real Estate Entrepreneur and Owner of Real Living Lifestyle Properties in Orange County, California. At the age of just 19 years old, Adrian’s career certainly began early, and has blossomed into his incredible success story thus far. Starting his career after high school with a vision, Adrian began to pursue his dream of achieving high success in the real estate industry.

In March of 2016, Adrian decided it was time to branch out on his own and build a brand and company for himself. Adrian recalls the times where he had been pushing his hardest and experiencing zero results, and relishes on the fact that determination, having a great attitude, and high levels of energy allowed him to move forward in his career. Not only did he doubt himself at times, but others did as well, as he continued to grow his company with no money and no odds in his favor. The idea to start his own business came about in 2013, when Adrian was sick of not having the level of financial freedom he and his family always desired from being a traditional real estate agent. In turn, he realized that evolving in the real estate industry would be the answer to that problem.

Throughout his entire life, Adrian was guided by the idea of becoming successful in whatever he did. As a kid, he always wanted to be the best of the best, and when his career in real estate began, he set out to do just that. He was motivated by the fact that if he became successful he could now take what he’d learned and give back to the real estate community and live a life based on his own terms. Today, Adrian has helped new, experienced and veteran real estate agents transform their real estate business well at the same time selling $200,000,000 in real estate, and has built a client network that spans across the nation.

To become uber successful in any industry, you must have the right mindset and a work ethic that nothing can interfere with. Adrian recounts that upholding his unparalleled grit, his ability to learn from his mistakes as well as others, and to remain open minded throughout everything has allowed him to grow and build multiple successful real estate companies.

Moving forward, Adrian is working diligently to grow and expand his brand. One of his most recent projects is called “RE Foundation Builders” , a platform to help and encourage new and experienced real estate agents on how to learn the fundamentals of the industry and the foundation to be a true real estate business owner. Hernandez has been coached by the top real estate coaches such as Gino Blefari, Mike Ferry, Ty Leon Guerrero, Alex Lehr, Joe DiRaffaele, Carlos Reyes & much more & is always looking for new and better ways to operate and expand his knowledge. Adrian has a vision to help sellers, buyers, & other real estate agents throughout the world. To learn more about Adrian Hernandez and Intero Real Estate Orange County, click here.

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