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Alex Sharpe – Helping Businesses Mitigate their Cybersecurity Risks

Alex Sharpe
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The advent of technology has led businesses towards digital transformation. Years ago, it was a value-added strategy for businesses to embrace digital presence. Today, it has become compulsory for all businesses – whether small or large brands. Business owners tend to stay up-to-date with advanced technology while automating the workflow and expediting work processes. The inventions have made things efficient in the business, improving productivity and boosting revenue. However, every new technology comes with some unintended consequences. 

The shift of businesses into the online realm creates the risk of data breaches and loss of Intellectual Property (IP). Data is the most crucial asset for any business in the digitalized era. Data loss or breach can cost a huge amount of loss in terms of revenue, business plan, strategies, and reputation.

Not just businesses but individuals are also at high risk of losing personal information on the internet. Small businesses and corporate companies need robust data security to protect their data from hackers. Organizations are at high risk of becoming a victim of malicious attacks. The attackers alter, delete, or destroy the companies’ sensitive data as they access it. Therefore, companies approach cybersecurity consulting companies and individuals to protect their data from cyberattacks.

One such individual helping corporate companies prevent cybersecurity risks is Alex Sharpe – an American cybersecurity and risk management consultant. Unlike others, Alex understands the need to ensure alignment to achieve business goals, having run global organizations himself.

Companies need to implement strategies to ensure strong cybersecurity, protecting data from theft and preventing cyberattacks threatening to disable or disrupt operations. As long as technology gets advanced and there are more devices and programs in the company’s use, there is a risk of cyberattacks. Businesses need to realize that today no company is safe from data hackers. Loss of confidential data can cost a lot. Individuals and businesses need to ensure robust cybersecurity to prevent attacks.

Alex Sharpe helps companies embrace innovation, unlock business value, and improve people’s lives better through technology. His company, Sharpe Management Consulting LLC, helps businesses grow in several ways, including mitigating cyber risk in their digital business strategies, innovation, corporate governance, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Alex Sharpe believes no business should limit its development inside the box. Advanced technologies and innovations can help businesses open their wings and climb the ladder of success through innovations.

The success of any business can be disrupted if the company is affected by malicious attacks. Therefore, businesses need to ensure strong data security to improve risk management. Any business connected with online platforms is at high risk of data breaches. Whether the business is small or large, there are risks of losing sensitive information and entire business data. Data is the company’s digital asset, and the internet is always risky. So, companies need to consult professionals to secure data and prevent data attacks.

The ever changing technologies require hiring IT experts that help businesses ensure a secure way of using technology while preventing data breaches. Cybersecurity professionals and consultants like Alex Sharpe help companies minimize the likelihood and the impact. Alex Sharpe enables businesses to protect business data against viruses and cyberattacks. He helps them create strategies that improve the business structure and protect them from various attacks.

A data breach is equal to business death. When a company loses data, it loses its reputation in the industry. A business might lose its clients too after a cyberattack but always takes a hit to its reputation. Alex’s company allows businesses to stand against all the odds and reach new heights of success while embracing innovations and preventing cybersecurity risks.

Born on November 19, 1962, Alex Sharpe is the founder of Sharpe Management Consulting LLC. He is a cybersecurity and privacy expert with real-world operational experience. Unlike most people in this space, Alex’s other expertise is in business strategy enabling him to ensure the cyber strategy is aligned with the business strategy.

Born in Nutley, NJ, Sharpe attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) to complete his BSEE in Computer Engineering with concentrations in Math and computer science in 1986. Later, he completed his master’s in Operations Management, Systems Engineering, and Program/Project management from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in 1995. He subsequently completed the Value Investing program at Columbia University in 2004 and subsequently completed a course of study at Columbia Business School In 2018, where he received two merit awards of merit.

Alex began his professional career in 1986 when he joined NSA (National Security Agency). Later, he moved into management consultancy building practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. Being a management and cybersecurity consultant, he co-founded two firms, including The Hackett Group and eForce. He subsequently went out on his own in 2001. Alex founded Sharpe Management Consulting LLC – a consultancy firm that provides guidance and strategies for creating overall business models, implementing innovations, and providing cybersecurity strategies. In 2019, Alex began mentoring for the Columbia Technology Ventures, where he assists entrepreneurs establish their businesses.

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