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Alexa D’Agostino Unlocking the Entrepreneur in People and Helping Them Achieve Their Dream Lives

In this interview, we got up close and personal with Alexa D’Agostino, an entrepreneur. She has distinguished herself in the business world and is now helping other entrepreneurs on the come-up. She shares some of the unique stories about her journey and her current works in business.

Thank you for joining this interview series! Can you tell us a bit about Alexa D’Agostino?

I am an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and business coach. I am the CEO of SPICE, a community of entrepreneurs, collaborators, and content producers who all work together to edge one another closer to success. I also run a marketing agency called Marketing By Modification. I have been in business for years, and my first business, which I established when I was 18, was sold for millions of dollars some years after.

So you’re a millionaire then?

When you put it that way, I have built businesses worth millions of dollars and sold them. I have also helped many entrepreneurs build 6-figure businesses through my coaching program, “Passion to CEO.” We are all a work-in-progress, and as I continue to build myself, I am helping others do the same in real-time.

How did you get on this specific career path?

My family came from Cuba with nothing but their clothes. There was nothing they could do other than to start their own businesses and had no choice but to become entrepreneurs. Growing up, I witnessed my entire family be entrepreneurs and just always loved the lifestyle. Naturally, I started my first business young at 18 and grew that business by working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. When I turned 24, I had an opportunity to sell my company. I took it as an opportunity to pivot and go get my PhD to teach, coach, and get into philanthropy.

What are the hard times you faced when you first started your journey? Can you share some stories?

When my business scaled, naturally, my clients scaled bigger too. I missed the roots of when my company was smaller, working one-on-one with small businesses and entrepreneurs. But I’ll take the growth and success that has come with becoming bigger.

What kept you going even though things were so hard?

Selling my business was a leap of faith. I knew I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing anymore and wanted to pursue happiness over money. Plus, it wasn’t bad getting a nice big paycheck!

How are things today? How can you describe your eventual success and the role that grit and resilience played in that?

It is AMAZING. I am truly doing what I love EVERY DAY. Taking a huge pay cut is not easy, but it was worth it. I am much happier, a little broker, but doing what I love.

You have made mistakes. Is there any mistake that comes to mind that makes you laugh now? Can you tell us what you learned from that?

When I was first creating my agency, I was so young, trying to figure things out. We were trying to come up with business names, and I was terrible at it. So I decided to combine my two favorite colors, “Blue” and “Maroon,” to create “BluRoon.” My business partners hated it! And no, we did not name the company BluRoon!

What are the unique things about your company? Can you share a story?

The coolest thing about our current company is that all of my staff has been with me for more than ten years. This has helped us create an incredible synergy that you normally wouldn’t get with a mentoring and coaching program. In addition to group coaching, students have one-on-one access to mentors with REAL experience and can benefit from them.

Do you have any tips for your colleagues in your industry to help them thrive and not burn out?

Find good people and keep them. We all need some help, no matter how little, to achieve success.

On your journey, do you have a particular person you are grateful to? How did they help you? Can you share a story?

I have so many mentors I can thank. But honestly, I would say my wife. She is incredible and has been my business partner with me in every single business. She has the patience of a saint dealing with me!

How has your success brought goodness to the world?

I fully fund and mentor college students and low-income LatinX students looking to go into entrepreneurship. I think it is incredibly important for us who are fortunate to help pave others’ paths to have that same fortune. In my opinion, it starts with breaking down the barriers (paying for college) and mentoring them to make sure they are given the right direction and motivation.

How can our readers further follow your work online?You can check out my coaching program on the official website or follow my agency on Instagram.

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