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Alexandra Bulgach Offers Her Expertise to Help Hotels Experience Exponential Growth

For anyone looking for a sales and marketing expert in the hotel and hospitality industry, Alexandra Bulgach is a name to get acquainted with. She is a digital marketing specialist with fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing of the world’s leading hotel chains like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu.

Alexandra Bulgach is a professional who has had the privilege to work on a wide breadth of projects, complex events, sports championships, and world congresses, including FIFA World Cup 2018, World Hockey Championship 2016, and almost a hundred other events in total.  She also opened three hotels like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express. 

In the course of her work, Alexandra collaborated with leading global companies. She successfully collaborated with a variety of significant corporate companies. Select customer examples include Deloitte, DHL, BAT, Huawei, Chanel, LVMH, J&J, P&G Volkswagen, Novartis, Schlumberger, and Home Credit, and was also a participant in major international tourism exhibitions like the World Travel Market London, ITB Berlin, Fitur Madrid.

She studied digital marketing and business administration at UCLA, the top US university. In her book, Hotel Marketing 2.0, she outlines the best tactics and case studies that hoteliers can use to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to the new digital reality and generate greater revenue returns. It is a must-read for every hotel expert who wants to improve their business acumen and marketing abilities. While most sales and marketing hotel specialists are still using classic sales techniques, Alexandra combines it with digital marketing strategy, to make it the most cost-effective and profitable. 

“I am convinced that my background, expertise, and experience can be a valuable addition to any business that wishes to enhance the efficiency of its sales, and staff productivity, raise outcomes and grow profits in a cost-effective and efficient manner,” said the versatile marketer. 

Because of Alexandra’s quality work, she has received many raving testimonials from people she has worked with.

“Alexandra always was among the best sales professionals with top results in revenue and demonstrated YOY increase in figures even through hard times. She definitely knows how to overcome challenges and do the best to gain business,” shared Dennis Tseytlin, a content creator and a filmmaker. 

Using Alexandra’s expertise, she would be able to give new development options to the country’s hotel industry, enabling it to produce even better budget results and customer experiences. It is her goal to inspire new hospitality trends and make a good contribution to the country’s tourism economy by aiding hotels in attaining success.

“My long-term goal is to assist thousands of more hotels throughout the globe in becoming more successful company owners and marketers in the future. In addition, I hope that everyone will find my book to be beneficial,” added Alexandra. Alexandra’s consultation services includes reorganizing sales and marketing processes in Hotels, reevaluating the marketing budgets, increasing brand awareness, ROMI and cost-effectiveness

“The right hospitality marketing strategy is key to the long-term success of a business by helping to attract customers, optimize revenues and strengthen market recognition. To achieve this, it is necessary to keep up with the latest trends in hospitality marketing, especially in the context of the COVID pandemic and related with this change,” Alexandra explained.

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