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Alice Hatcher’s Journey of Inspiration and Influence in the Health and Beauty Industry

Staying on course in the face of deterrents like failures, obstacles, struggles, doubt, bullying, and many other vices can be challenging. However, with her focus on the goal, Alice Hatcher has grown into a woman capable of handling it all by enduring everything thrown her way and coming out on top.

For Alice Hatcher, surviving life’s challenges is one thing. She grew up to face challenges in the business world and handled them like a champ. Moving to a new country at the age of one, dealing with bullying in school, building a brand from scratch, trumping the effects of economic recession, and proving doubters wrong all molded her into the successful entrepreneur she is today. Alice is the founder and CEO of Essential Beauty Medical Spa & Laser Center, Precision Skin RX, and Beauty Addict, three companies that have weathered the storm and cemented their places at the top with standout products and services.

Alice Hatcher trained alongside Dr. Zein Obagi, one of the most respected names in the beauty industry, who has also made herself a formidable force. The Taipei, Taiwan-born immigrant spent years dealing with negativities from doubters, especially her father, who made sure to tell her at the age of seven that she would never succeed. Yet, despite growing up in a one-bedroom apartment with her parents, Alice remained undeterred and chased her goals with zero attention to the noise around her.

During a recession, she launched her first company, Essential Beauty Medical Spa & Laser Center, the first medspa in Orange County, CA. For five years, the company was stuck in a financial quagmire. “We did not recover for at least five years after opening. So I would go out and solicit people and leave flyers in people’s cars to get them to come into our medical spa. I would sell gift certificates in the parking lots and then take the clients back to the spa and perform the facial. I would also be the acting receptionist and check them out at the desk. I fulfilled many positions to get us through the financial crisis,” she revealed.

Beauty Addict was Alice’s way of leveraging the internet to launch an e-commerce store. “At the time, online shopping just started getting big. We had our highest sales the first year, which beat our brick and mortar,” she recalled. Achieving success with the e-commerce business opened Alice’s eyes to the potential of the digital space, and she focused on that instead. That realization inspired the birth of Precision Skin RX, a medical skincare brand that used result-driven, medical-grade ingredients to heal different skin conditions and improve people’s lifestyles. 

Alice Hatcher has gained training and retail experience from notable brands like Estee, MAC, Clinique, Lauder, Stila and many others. Two decades since she began the journey, she is now well-known as the owner of three thriving businesses in the beauty industry, serving clients nationally and internationally. Over the next few years, she sees her brands growing exponentially to cover more grounds. “Confidence is a beautiful thing, and I want everyone to explore the different ways they can achieve it in their lives. We will continue to improve lives and boost people’s confidence through our various services,” she said.

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