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All Things Noble Events Concierge and Retreats: Creating Events with the Promise of Nobility

All Things Noble Events Concierge and Retreats is a high-end event production company specializing in the planning and organizing of events in the corporate and entertainment industry from posh private affairs, large scale corporate events, entertainment production and festivals. With keen attention to detail, All Things Noble Events Concierge and Retreats is on a mission to curate the perfect experience for their clients by constantly coordinating and executing the ideal engagements. 

The brainchild of Kima Lynch, All Things Noble Events Concierge and Retreats is setting the trend for other event companies in the hospitality industry. At All Things Noble Events Concierge and Retreats, every event is organized, customized, and executed according to the clients’ needs, fondly referred to as the “Noble Family.” Some of the company’s past clientele are big companies such as Salesforce, Air BnB, Live Nation, Superfly, Google, Facebook, BET, VH1, and ESPN, to name a few.

As the company’s name implies, All Things Noble, its history and heritage are a regal one. The idea and execution for the company were inspired by Kima’s grandmother, a distinguished woman impacting knowledge in both words and action. In her words, Kima shared that her grandmother played a pivotal role in her upbringing and motivated her to be better. “In my family, my grandmother was extremely influential in cultivating all of the skills that I possess, from developing my spirituality/relationship with God, to instilling in me that one day I would be a speaker in the House of Representatives for the United States of America,” she said.

“This was just a metaphor that taught me I can do, be and have anything I put my mind to,” she shared. “Due to this footprint of excellence left on my life since her passing in 1995 when I was about 12 yrs old, I’ve always wanted to honor her memory and the legacy left behind.”

To fulfill her wish of honoring her grandmother’s memory, Kima took her maiden name, Noble, and established an events company that embodies all she learned as a child from her grandmother. She also draws motivation from her own mother, a single parent who the latter had to sacrifice the majority of her dreams and aspirations to provide her daughter with the requirement for success.

“My mom is selfless! She’s always willing to serve others and do it with tenderness and love. Growing up witnessing that, I now reflect that same level of love into what I do and it plays out today in my company’s values and principles,” Kima said.  

Her aunt taught her to be a go-getter. “ She would tell me to keep going in a sea of no’s until I got a yes! I sold everything from Girl Scout cookies to chocolate and cookie dough. I was always the 1st prize winner because of what she taught me,” she said. 

With these strong women motivating and inspiring her entrepreneurial journey, it is not surprising that Kima is building generational wealth while working smarter not harder to push her company to the next level.

In the coming years, Kima wants to grow and expand her business. “In 5 years, I see my company being the industry’s go-to and most sought-after event production company around. I will have full-service offices/warehouses in major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami and New York,” she said.

Kima also wants to give back to the community by employing hundreds of minorities and sponsoring career talks in schools to share the endless possibilities of a career in hospitality and events. To learn more about All Things Noble Events Concierge and Retreats or book a consultation, visit the company’s website.

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