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Alphabet’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, Breaks Down the New Hybrid Work Plan at Google

The COVID-19 pandemic changed things globally, especially in the tech work space. Tech giant Google adapted well to those changes by adopting s work-from-home policy for its employees. Last month, some of its employees returned to the company’s offices voluntarily, and CEO Sundar Pichai has said that a new hybrid work week will come into play moving forward. Going forward with the plan that started in December, employers will work out of the office for three days of the week, and the other two days, they can work anywhere they work best. The deciding factor for the split will depend on the employee’s team and the product they’re working on.

Google is also providing its employees with more opportunities to move around. It plans to allow workers to apply to work from a different office while also getting the chance to work away from their assigned office temporarily for up to four weeks.  More remote roles and teams are being developed to accommodate people that don’t have to work in one place. Employees will be able to apply for remote work in their product area. “Whether an employee chooses to work completely remotely or transfer to a different office, their compensation will be in line with their new location,” Pichai explains. These new changes are expected to have 60 percent of the company’s employees working in the company’s offices a few days of every week and 20 percent working from home while 20% will be working from new locations.

On-site work time will be about collaborations; thus, the employees and teams that will work from the office will be determined by the product areas and functions they handle. Some roles may also require being on-site for more than three days of the week because of the nature of the work. In addition to all these adjustments, employees will be assigned four weeks annually to temporarily work from a location outside the main office. This is geared towards giving everyone the flexibility they need to enjoy their summer and go on holiday. Google will also give employees reset days to reset, and according to Pichai, the next global day off is May 28.

The work from home model saved Alphabet (Google’s parent company) $268 million. The company did not have to spend on entertainment, travel, and company promotions. Most of Google’s staff have worked remotely since March 2020, which has taken away expenses like corporate retreats, massage tables, and catered cuisine that employees enjoy on-site.



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