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Amanda Lavery – An Emerging Model Transforming the Cosmetic Industry with Her Innovative Mind

Organic cosmetic products are becoming the new fad these days in the cosmetic industry. Such products are made from natural ingredients, free from synthetic chemicals, and do not involve toxic chemicals or any other such material. However, on the other hand, traditional products are made from chemicals, having a lasting effect on skin that may not be very good all the time.

The world of beauty and cosmetics is often considered a shallow one, with people focusing on their looks and physical appearances. But Amanda Lavery proves that this industry is so much more than that. Amanda Lavery is an emerging model and entrepreneur, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the current cosmetics world.

She thinks of cosmetic products with a different perspective. She knew using chemical-free skincare products was as crucial as consuming organic food. As her philosophy goes, everyone should treat their skin with the same respect they show to their body by eating organic food; Amanda introduced organic beauty and skincare products to the market.

Lavery is a rising model transforming the skincare industry with her unique ideas and innovations. She is the founder of the popular cosmetics brand, CoCaBee, a line of luxury cosmetics designed for women of all skin tones. The company was founded in 2014 with a mission to offer 100% organic skincare and beauty products while ensuring no toxins.

Lavery also uses her platform to promote positive body image and self-love. She is a strong advocate for body positivity and is constantly striving to make the world of beauty a more inclusive place. She also uses her brand to help clients promote their products. CoCaBee’s products remain vegan, cruelty-free, and made using sustainable ingredients; Lavery made sure of that since the beginning. She is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to improve the skincare and cosmetic industry. Her company was honoured with the Best Lip Care 2022 in Canada by Clean Beauty Award.

Born on October 12th, 1981, in London, Ontario, Lavery has lived half her life in Paris and Greece. She is quickly becoming a role model for young women worldwide. She inspires others to love themselves for who they are and celebrate their unique beauty.

Nothing really dampens Lavery’s entrepreneurial spirit. She still shares her ideas with the world and never ceases to evolve. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, she is a rising model. Lavery has worked with highly experienced photographers and high-end businesses over the years. She started her career as a model at the very young age of sixteen. In 2021, she signed one of the biggest modeling gigs with a magazine. The deal greatly impacted her journey and drastically altered her career. During her career, Lavery has developed her social skills and built a huge social network. She has been featured in many renowned magazines and has also appeared in prominent editorial magazines, including Grazia, Glam Week, Elle, and Ocean Drive. With her innovative ideas, cosmetic industry is on the way to witness the most needed organic skincare products in the future.



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