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Andrei Cojan and Integrity First Mortgage Making Home Ownership Dreams a Reality

For a multitude of families and individuals around the United States, homeownership is a lofty dream. Unfortunately, a large majority will never go past that stage and remain nothing more than unrealized ambitions. But Andrei Cojan is out to change that as he makes mortgages and great real estate deals available for many aspiring homeowners who have long been stuck because of complicated processes and unrealistically high arbitrages on homes. Accordingly, the real estate professional is changing lives in the process. 

What makes Andrei and his firm, Integrity First Mortgage, LLC, a cut above most are in the company’s name. The real estate expert puts integrity above all in all his dealings with clients. Accordingly, many of his clients feel that it’s easy to trust Cojan and his team as he constantly looks out for deals and loans that fit every client’s needs and contexts best. 

Andrei Cojan currently operates out of Delaware and serves many localities in immediate proximity to his base of operations. Integrity First Mortgage is one of the region’s fastest-growing realty practices that has made a firm reputation around top quality service and honest transactions. Accordingly, Andrei and the whole clan over at Integrity First have helped thousands of clients get the best loans possible on their homes and save significant dollars in the process.

As an immigrant himself who had to build his way up to success bit by bit, Andrei knows what it’s like to struggle in the land of the free. He came to the United States when he was nine years old and worked hard to make a name for himself. He spent years learning all the soft skills necessary to succeed and cultivated a strong network and reputation. However, what fueled Andrei was a strong emphasis on values and ethics, which drove him to do all things right even if it cost more time and energy to get to his destination. Eventually, people would know him for that, and word spread about Andrei’s unwavering commitment to honesty and service. 

When Cojan found his way into real estate, that reputation followed him there. On top of his strong character, the real estate and loans agent focused a lot on building competency. He worked in various positions, including becoming a title clerk, closing supervisor, and mortgage broker. Then, when he learned all that he could, he ventured out on his own and started Integrity First Mortgage.

Since its conception, Integrity First has remained unwavering in its commitment to guiding clients throughout every bit of the process. The team stays with clients through every purchase, refinancing, home improvement, and debt consolidation. “We understand that your home is one of your biggest investments,” explains Andre. “We take the time to keep you informed throughout every step of the mortgage process.” Accordingly, Andrei and Integrity First Mortgage, LLC has become the epitome of trustworthiness in Delaware real estate and beyond. 

An avid believer in the power of goodwill and effective leadership, Andrei commits to counseling, guiding, and coaching his clients and team at First Integrity. He believes that this approach has not only been central to his success. It’s been a pivotal part of his clients achieving their goals too. And as far as Cojan is concerned, the latter is a much more rewarding win.

To learn more about Andrei Cojan and Integrity First Mortgage, check out his Facebook page.

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