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Andrey Kareev Taking Lead Generation to a New Level through Instagram Direct Messaging

Digital marketing has grown immensely to the point where experts have risen in different areas using different methods and strategies. While marketing is all about getting many people to know about a brand and generating leads as a result, how digital marketers go about it makes all the difference. In the lead generation space, Andrey Kareev has taken efficiency to a new level as he offers a unique Instagram direct messaging strategy that has never been seen in the social media marketing space.

Andrey Kareev’s lead generation is suitable for high-ticket clients, which many call “traffic arbitrage.” He uses proprietary software to carry out large-scale outreach for some of the biggest personal brands in the digital marketing world. He guarantees about 250,000 direct messages on average daily, achieving high traffic for their personal brands or business pages. “Our customers are happy about getting such a large reach of their target audience, and their pipeline has been full since they began to work with me. We are experts at messaging people on Instagram and have exceptionally high results when it comes to appointment setting for high ticket offers,” Andrey said.

The 25-year-old was born in Moscow and moved to Holland at nine, where he learned English at the British School in the Netherlands. He moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 15, where he completed his A-levels and obtained a degree in Information Management for Business from the University College London. Andrey Kareev’s early desire was to work in the corporate world, which spurred him to join JPMorgan for an intern position in his second year of college. He later got an offer to join a graduate position, and even though he already had a flourishing Amazon business, he took the role. Not long after, he quit the job and focused on e-commerce and digital marketing full-time.

Andrey’s service is unique as it offers a competitive advantage to those who run Facebook and Instagram ads. “We can send 1,000 DMs at the cost of $1. It is a unique niche that almost no one knows about. It’s an alternative to Facebook and Instagram ads. We give our clients five times the reach they would get from Facebook and Instagram ads,” he said. He has also worked with some high-value clients and has recently connected with leading PR and marketing expert Dillon Kivo to achieve these massive leads for his company.

Over the next few years, Andrey Kareev hopes to meet like-minded individuals and work with them on different projects. He is passionate about results and wants to change how entrepreneurs, brands and individuals generate leads. “I am put off by the majority of the things seen today in the digital world and the coaching space, but at the same time, I want to build my brand the way I see it and not conform to industry standards. I do not want to be limited when sharing a variety of content, whether it grows my business or not. My happiness and peace of mind are most important to me,” Andrey said.

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