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Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Have Been In a Secret Relationship For Over a Year Now

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2019’s “Noelle” co-stars Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have reportedly been dating for a while. And it looks like fans are in shock of the revelation because they did not suspect this. 

According to sources, the pair, who co-starred in the 2019 Christmas movie “Noelle,” have silently been together for more than a year. 

36-year-old Anna and 43-year-old Bill have reportedly known each other years ago but were intimately involved with each other after their Disney+ flick production. 

Some media reporters have reached out to both Anna and Bill’s representatives for statements. However, they have rejected any chance to make a comment. 

Disclosure of the couple’s secret relationship appears more than a year after Bill and American actress Rachel Bilson parted ways. 

The former love birds ignited romance rumors late 2019 prior to their red-carpet debut at the 2020 Golden Globes as a couple. However, they were only together for under a year. 

At the moment for calling it quits, rumors circulated that 40-year-old Rachel was “devastated” at their split. 

Bill and Rachel worked together in the romantic comedy “The To Do List” released 2013. The film was directed by Bill’s wife at the moment, Maggie Carey. Bill and Maggie were legally tied between 2006 and 2018, and they have three children together. 

Anna said earlier that she doesn’t have faith that soul mates exist “in any traditional sense,” even though she and Bill have been in a relationship for quite some time. 

“Like, that word is kind of synonymous with ‘the one,'” the “Pitch Perfect” star said in an interview in 2020. “There’s many ‘the ones’ and if we’re lucky we spend a long time with someone.”

Anna Kendrick rose to stardom in 2008 when she was casted in Twilight. She became even more famous when she starred in the trilogy “Pitch Perfect.” She has received various notable awards such as the Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Tony Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. She is one of the youngest to be nominated for the Triple Crown of Acting.

Bill Hader, on the other hand, is a multifaceted entertainment personality. He has been nominated for eight Emmy Awards and has brought home two of them.

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