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Anticipation Builds as GeoMike122’s New Pop Album Is Set to Be Released on October 22, 2021

Hailing from Westwood, New Jersey, GeoMike122 is a fast-rising musical artist dominating the music scene with his wide creative range of catchy lyrics and soulful sound. They constantly change the status quo and introduce new and upbeat tunes to his discography, making the rounds as an artist and lyricist to watch out for. He showcases a paradigm shift in music with over 210,000 streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Taking music to the next step of excellence, they are now set to release his new pop album on October 22, 2021.

A multicultural artist with Mediterranean, Scottish, and Hispanic heritage and an ADD diagnosis, GeoMike122 is channeling the beauty of his diverse culture and his condition into making music. Where others might see ADD as a disability, this revolutionary artist considers it a blessing.

They said, “One of the highlights of having ADD is that I hear all kinds of noises other people don’t. I have a heightened sense of hearing. So when making music, I first make the beat and then sing or write over the music. Of course, I also hear music in common noises like a train whistle or a door closing.”

On his first album, Michael Ciolino, GeoMike122 sets the mood with instrumental track “Tiempo,” using sound elements of waves and thunder on the first track. The next track, “Above,” opens up with violins, electronic beats, and a vocal style inspired by GeoMike122’s favorite artist, Madonna. The song is similar to her 1998 hit single “Frozen,” giving the song a unique vibe.

“You can get the feeling and mood of a song from just the beats, so it can be much more universal than using lyrics, which someone might not comprehend due to language or vocal expression,” they explained. 

His hit single “Abyss” incorporates the fast-paced hip-hop sounds and soulful lyrical delivery as he discusses his struggle with mental health. As the album continues, the track “Whimsical” pays homage to GeoMike122’s quirks as an artist with a downtempo hip-hop song aided with the flute.

More than just a talented artist, GeoMike122 spends his time traveling. The cultures they experience are imbued in his sounds and lyrics, setting the unique tone and mood in the songs. His disco-pop single “Hey Human” was inspired by Italo disco and Momento and incorporates the rich sounds of South Florida, a place that holds a special place in his heart as his grandparents and now father and stepmother live there for a portion of the year.

“The time I spent spending on the beach (Deerfield Beach) and connecting with nature in South Florida energized my creativity and planning skills. I envisioned, set goals, and produced and wrote songs while in South Florida,” they said.

Additionally, GeoMike122 regularly updates the fans of his activities via his ever-growing Instagram account, sharing details of his recent trips this August to Florida, California, and New Jersey. He also traveled all over Rome. “Sharing these travel experiences, and any experience with my fans, is one of my favorite parts of this journey,” he states. While the musical journey has only just begun, the much-anticipated release of the upcoming album on October 22 is another highlight in GeoMike122’s musical and personal adventure. Michael Ciolino can be pre-saved here. 

Join GeoMike122 on this experience and remember to be you, be whimsical. To learn more about him, check out his Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Listen to his songs on YouTube and Spotify.

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