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APM Monaco Targets the Gender-Neutral Market

Celebrities bedecked in fabulous jewels turn heads on and off the red carpet. But, if you think this trend is just for the female gender, you would be dead wrong. Instead, many famous masculine heartthrobs have embraced gender-neutral jewelry styles that present creative jewelry with a modern vibe.

While the men’s jewelry trend isn’t new, it was undoubtedly jump-started by A-listers appropriating women’s jewelry. For the last few years, gender-free jewelry collections have been gaining traction in markets throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

An analysis of consumer spending trends indicates that Americans in all age groups support brands expressing shared ethical values, especially for the younger generation. Around 85% of Generation Z stated that a brand’s position on social issues is an essential factor when purchasing. As younger Americans evolve toward accepting a more equitable social environment for different genders, races, and religions, there is ample opportunity for American consumers to identify new brands that exemplify this point of view.

APM’s latest global campaign, FUN CRAZY LOVE

APM Monaco is a fashion jewelry company that started in Monaco in 1982. Not content to remain a traditional European mainstay, the brand branched out into Asian markets and entered the retail market in North America five years ago. With an emphasis on stylish unisex fashion jewelry, the brand has appealed to various demographics and psychographics. With a repeat customer rate of 45% in North America, APM is rapidly growing its brand and reach throughout the United States and Canada.  

APM Miami Store

Since the inception of the retail brand, APM Monaco has been a pioneer of the fashion jewelry movement. Now, APM Monaco is known for its affordable yet stylish, designer-quality jewelry options. Drawing on the brand’s industry-leading manufacturing infrastructure, APM Monaco uses accessible and sustainable diamond alternatives – like zirconia stones – to produce new collections each month. As a result, APM Monaco releases around 50 pieces per collection, with the most variety in the industry.

Celebrating the brand’s 40th with Collection Yummy

Due to the brand’s emphasis on affordable creative jewelry fit for any occasion, APM Monaco jewelry is emerging as a leader in the unisex jewelry movement. As the American zeitgeist explores more open conversations about gender norms, more men are becoming comfortable wearing jewelry as a fashion statement. With plenty of options appealing to all demographics and psychographics across the American consumer base, it is no surprise that the gender-neutral fashion jewelry market thrives with the help of brands like APM Monaco.

Please visit APM Monaco’s website to learn more about the brand’s industry-leading variety and availability in American stores.

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