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Ari Kafadar Embraces His Craft, Becomes Sought-After Jeweler

A family legacy can be challenging to live up to. The younger generations can face a lot of pressure to go into the family business, and they may find themselves rebelling at the idea. As a result, some choose to forge their own path, even as others follow in their family’s footsteps. Ari Kafadar is someone who went from doing his own thing to joining in his father’s legacy as a jeweler.

Ari Kafadar is no stranger to the jewelry industry. He shared, “My father has been in the jewelry business for over thirty years. And while he enjoyed this craft, it did not have the same appeal to me.” After high school, Ari went into retail. “I worked selling high-end electronics and appliances,” he shared. After a few years in retail, Ari Kafadar became unsatisfied with his line of work. He recalled, “I slowly came to the realization that retail no longer felt like me. After that, I decided to work with my father. Learning his craft and expanding his legacy has been one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life.”

Not one to waste the chance given to him, Ari Kafadar threw himself into the work and learned to become a jeweler. “Most jewelers outsource some parts of the chain, like designing. But with my father and I, we do everything in-house,” Ari shared, “We draw up the design, then make the gold pendant and all the other components. After that, we set the diamonds into the piece of jewelry and finish it off.”

This hands-on approach is what separates Ari Kafadar from other jewelers in the industry. Because he works on each piece from design to finished product, he creates a top-quality item every time. As a result, each jewelry piece from their workshop is marked by its creators’ excellent skill and craftsmanship. “We have built a one-stop-shop jewelry business that never fails when it comes to quality,” he shared.

Because Ari Kafadar has created such high-quality pieces, his work has slowly risen in popularity among certain circles. He said, “One of the first big-name clients we had were athletes. And it’s not often that you get an opportunity to work with people like them, so naturally, we did not let this chance slip past us.” The athletes Ari worked with loved his pieces and spread the word of his craftsmanship to others. “Through word of mouth, more people came to know about me and my work. As a result, our business has grown, and I plan to grow even more,” Ari said.

Ari Kafadar has worked with several top-level athletes and musicians, but he says anyone with a refined taste for jewelry is welcome to his place of business. This jeweler says, “We can make jewelry for anyone. I am committed to consistently giving the best quality jewelry for my customers and clients.” 

While it took a while before Ari Kafadar joined his family in the jewelry industry, he has now embraced this craft. He said, “Quality jewelry never goes out of style. And I am here to create a timeless piece of jewelry that my clients will cherish for years to come.”

Ari Kafadar is an expert jeweler. He hopes to expand his family’s business to more locations in the United States. For more information about his work, you can check here.

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