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ArieCan Productions Provides a Platform for Inclusivity and Diversity on the Silver Screens

Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate ideas to the world, chronicling the struggles and triumphs of an individual or a group of people. However, in today’s entertainment industry, people of color are constantly misrepresented in the media. The available contents fail to grasp the diverse and multi-faceted culture of the people. For this reason, ArieCan Productions is stepping up to set things right and actively combat the underrepresentation by providing a platform for aspiring actors to tell their stories and showcase their talent.

Established in 2017 by film directors, writers, and producers Larry Harris and Leonard Martin,  ArieCan Productions is a Baltimore-based production company that aims to fill the gap and provide better opportunities for aspiring actors in the Baltimore area. “Baltimore has a staggering wealth of talent and potential. However, we were disappointed at how little recognition there was,” Leonard said. 

To help change the narrative and provide opportunities for these budding artists, Larry and Leonard started from the ground up, teaching themselves everything about productions. Then, the duo debuted their company with a Youtube show titled Chapter 2 — the hit series was well-appreciated and garnered over 300,000 views on the first nine episodes. The trailblazing success of the show paved the way for more opportunities and a lucrative partnership with Amazon Prime Video, which solidified  ArieCan Productions’ status as a reputable film company.

The mission of ArieCan Productions is plain and straightforward: to embody and highlight diverse cultural stories that capture the interests of all audiences. For Larry and Leonard, hiring talented individuals is the bedrock of their company. “So many people have been told ‘no’ even when they have the talent,” Larry explained. “Even Leonard and I have experienced a lot of rejection in the industry. So we built this company intending to hire based on talent and nothing else. No one wanted to let us come through their doors, so we built our own doors.”

Since 2017, the brilliant minds behind the production have continually proven they can deliver quality content that will leave the audience captivated. Now, they are about to take over the internet again with their groundbreaking new shows Dear Diary (a comedy) and Secrets (a drama). Both shows feature stories set in Baltimore and will be available online and on streaming platforms.

In the coming years, ArieCan Productions aims to continue its meteoric rise in the entertainment industry while bringing quality content to the screens. “I see ArieCan Productions being a premiere powerhouse company in Hollywood. I see us having multiple #1 shows, winning awards and continuing to give chances to all of the great actors and actresses who were told no based on their looks instead of their talent,” Larry and Leonard shared.

To learn more about ArieCan Productions and its shows, visit the official website. You can stay updated by checking out the company’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also stream their shows on Youtube. 

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