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ArmRLite Celebrates 65 Years of Garage Door Innovations

Photo Credit To: ArmRLite Overhead Doors

This year marks a significant milestone for ArmRLite as the garage door manufacturer proudly celebrates 65 years of providing superior custom overhead doors for residential and commercial applications. Founded in 1958 by Jack Dourney, ArmRLite has been dedicated to creating high-quality and customizable aluminum and glass garage doors that add value and appeal to any building. 

Over the years, ArmRLite has remained committed to its founder’s vision by continuously improving its fabrication process and never cutting corners. As a family-run business, ArmRLite takes pride in their work and strives to make the maintenance of their garage doors affordable for home and business owners. ArmRLite remains an industry leader with innovative designs, outstanding customer service, and an exceptional commitment to durability and quality.

Beyond the Ordinary: ArmRLite’s Latest Innovations

As they mark this special occasion, ArmRLite is excited to renew its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by introducing new products such as DefendDoor, the Bespoke Architectural Collection, and additional size options for garage doors containing integrated ADA-compliant pass-through garage doors. These product additions showcase ArmRLite’s dedication to providing inventive entrance solutions that cater to the changing needs of their customers. 

The latest addition to ArmRLite’s line of attractive, long-lasting, customizable overhead doors is the DefendDoor. Made with Level 1 Ballistic aluminum and glass, this bullet resistant glass garage door offers not only a stylish aesthetic but also effective protection against bullets fro small-caliber handguns. Tested for safety by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), DefendDoor’s ballistic glass meets UL standards and is widely accepted as a secure option. With solid construction, an array of design options, and ballistic protection security, ArmRLite’s DefendDoor offers peace of mind for your home or business.

Bespoke Architectural Collection
Responding to the demands of the architectural and design industry, ArmRLite has also introduced the Bespoke Architectural Collection of custom glass and aluminum overhead sectional doors. This collection offers an extensive range of colors, textures, section heights (including oversized and undersized), energy-efficient options, and glass widths. These customizable options allow for perfect alignment with adjacent architectural details and ensure smooth travel for oversized aluminum panels due to the unique track design of their doors.

ADA-compliant Pass-through Doors

In addition, ArmRLite now offers integrated ADA-compliant garage doors with man door in custom sizes ranging from 8’ to 10’2” wide and 8’ to 14’ high. These pass-through doors come with plenty of color, glass, and energy-efficient options, making them perfect for private use. ArmRLite strives  to provide its customers with innovative solutions that save time, money, and energy, are tailored to their needs, and meet ADA standards.

Decades of Excellence: Lasting Quality
ArmRlite has been a leader in the garage door industry for over 65 years, providing innovative, beautiful, and reliable entrance solutions to residential and commercial customers across the United States. Their trendsetting products incorporate high-grade materials and welded construction for superior strength, longevity, and customization. ArmRLite’s focus on innovation has made it a top choice for luxury residential and commercial garage doors that combine beauty with functionality and safety. Their unique 100% welded frame construction sets them apart from the competition and allows for high levels of overhead door customization. ArmRLite is highly regarded for its exceptional customer service, lifetime maintenance options, and innovative designs that enhance curb appeal and provide a great return on investment for home and business owners. With their proven manufacturing process, they can provide replacement parts for all doors they have ever created. ArmRLite’s overhead doors are backed by the industry’s best warranty and are each engraved with a unique serial number. In addition, each of ArmRLite’s customers receives digitally recorded shop drawings of their door to ensure quick availability of parts throughout their door’s lifetime. With ArmRLite entrance solutions, garage door maintenance will be economical for decades. 

Opening Tomorrow’s Doors Today!

As a trusted leader in the garage door industry, ArmRLite consistently delivers top-rated designer overhead doors of superior quality and durability to homes and businesses across the United States. ArmRLite is committed to providing top-quality products that add value and appeal to any building and is proud to have helped create garage doors that help homes, fire stations, casinos, retail stores, car washes, service stations, loading docks, truck terminals, restaurants, stadiums, car dealerships, municipal buildings, and more stand out from the crowd. Their range of overhead door options includes custom sizing; transoms; crank-out awning windows; unlimited glass options; matching systems that include entrance doors or gates; ADA-compliant pass-through doors; wind load ratings of up to 180 mph; a wide selection of colors and finishes; energy-efficient insulation packages; individual color choices for the outer and inner panels;  and much more. ArmRLite’s steel, aluminum, glass, and wood-clad roll-up doors consistently receive 5-star reviews and have an unmatched reputation for excellence. With ArmRlite, home and business owners can trust that their investment in a durable, customizable, luxurious overhead door will not only enhance the beauty and value of their property but also provide long-lasting strength and protection for years to come.

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