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ArtTour International Magazine Celebrates Global Talents Through the Collector’s Choice Awards 2022

Many artists all over the world deserve recognition and acclaim for their work, but it would be impossible for them to get their talents out there without the help of prestigious organizations dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture. One of these is ArtTour International Magazine, the leading publication in the art industry that aims to empower artists and their work.

Recently, ArtTour International Magazine has presented the Collector’s Choice Awards to the most notable and influential figures in the art world. The award was given to honor their excellence in the arts as well as recommend them as artists worth collecting in 2022. The list of recipients was published and announced in the Summer 2022 issue, and winners were selected from thousands of entries from all over the globe.

The Collector’s Choice Awards have been celebrated by artists, art enthusiasts, and collectors for three years now. The list is also highly anticipated by collectors and exhibitors worldwide as it provides an opportunity to discover their next prized piece.

With an audience of more than two million readers, ArtTour International Magazine is committed to giving artists numerous multimedia platforms to showcase their talent and work. The globally-recognized publication is also the only art magazine that openly supports art activists and helps them promote their message on social and environmental issues to an educated audience. 

ArtTour International Magazine’s dedication to empowering its readers through art is anchored on its mission, “Create. Succeed. Stay Inspired.” Aside from providing a platform for artists to be recognized for their work, it also serves as a window for the general public to get acquainted with art. Furthermore, ArtTour International aims to provide a medium for artists from different parts of the world to share their passion for the craft with one another and inspire each other in the process. However, ArtTour International is more than just a publication; it is a movement that celebrates the arts and culture of all artists, photographers, poets and writers around the world. 

“ArtTour International is not just a magazine. It is oneness, a vision, the most exciting multi-media platform reuniting a family of artists worldwide. There is synchronicity between all artists published and their message. We view art as a vehicle to bring global awareness. It is the only responsible way to use this platform that expands to over two hundred and five countries,” CEO Viviana Puello said. ArtTour International aims to foster a sense of community among its readers and contributors while promoting creativity and innovation in its content.

Aside from being at the helm of ArtTour International, Viviana Puello is also a renowned Colombo-American artist, curator, best-selling author, award-winning media producer, and TV host. After two decades of working in the art industry and witnessing the challenges artists face, Viviana saw a need to use her experiences to help fellow artists succeed and make it big in the industry. By creating this revolutionary multimedia for artists worldwide, Viviana is changing the landscape of the art industry and redefining what it means to be an artist in today’s world.

You can now watch interviews with some of the awarded artists and other exciting events by ArtTour International on television. The ceremony broadcast is on the Vivid Arts Network TV channel, which you can access for free on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.  It’s also available on-demand streaming on the Vivid Arts Network web tv channel.

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