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Arty Dozortsev Tell us How his American Dream Was Built

Arty Dozortsev was born in Odessa, Ukraine and like many immigrants in the 70’s, his family wound up in Brooklyn. In the 90’s there was no one in NYC who did not know him. From lovely models to celebrities, to titans of business Arty was the man everyone wanted to know. He was known for throwing glamorous bashes at his FIDI sprawling apartment and the hottest venues around town.

Arty had followed his father Eugene into the family business. Eugene Dozortsev is a legend in the Caviar business. He brought rare caviar from the Caspian Sea in the 80’s to the United States and became one of the largest distributors in the country. That followed by the opening of a Michelin Star Restaurant Caviar Russe. 

Besides that, Eugene Dozortsev was known as the king of “smoked fish.”  

Arty always says “I learned from the best”. The father/son duo are exceedingly close and love spending time together even outside of their business. Their large wines and spirits distribution company, Dozortzev & Sons Enterprises, is based in Elizabeth, New Jersey and Arty has spent 28 years preparing to take over one day. The company carries in its portfolio 220 items imported from 22 different countries. Arty’s popular private label wines are carried by the trendiest of restaurants, such as Scarpetta, Avra, and all of Serafina’s. Arty is a genius at Grassroots Marketing. Look what he did for the Tequila brand Alarcan. He can make any brand famous.

When Arty is not at work, he is with his gorgeous wife Anna and their adorable baby Olivia. The future gourmand is used to escorting her parents to the best restaurants in the city. 

In addition to enjoying parenthood Anya and Arty are also running IKRAA Caviar. The hip brand that has been delivering caviar to the rich and famous here in NYC and around the country. Several types of premium caviar are available from IKRAA. A tasting set starts at $320. The VIP package, which starts at $1600, can be at your abode out East within twenty-four hours of ordering. This package includes blinis, truffle butter, and mother-of-pearl spoons. The Ikraacaviar is known for having some of the highest quality caviar in the market. The artist extraordinaire Domingo Zapata is a huge fan. So are Irina Shayk and Leonardo Dicaprio. You can order via their website, listed below. 

Arty Dozortsev and his father Eugene Dozortsev are the embodiment of the American Dream. And one day Arty hopes his daughter will follow him into the family business

Arty Dozortsev is one in a million characters straight out of a movie, which I am sure one day someone will make. Even if it’s his friend Oliver Stone.

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