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Ashley Darnall, LCSW Helps Mental Health Professionals Build a Thriving Business through Compelling and Empathetic Copywriting

As mental health professionals tirelessly attend to the needs of others, they can often neglect the well-being and sustainability of their own practices. But one practitioner, Ashley Darnall, LCSW – a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, copywriter and marketing expert – has found a unique solution. Her company, Copy with Ashley, merges her passions for mental health and writing to empower her peers in the field by crafting effective marketing strategies and compelling copy to help them achieve their business objectives.

Ashley has a wealth of experience in many areas of the mental health field, including therapy for adults and children, case management, resource coordination, and the insurance industry. As a mental health clinician herself, Ashley understands her clients’ language, vision, and passion. In addition, she knows what it is like to exist in the mental health space as a business owner where there may be limited resources and knowledge of marketing.

“Very few copywriters understand the language of mental health. I know what it is like to work with patients and clients with varying levels of mental health issues. I can speak to their sources of pain, allowing them to feel heard and seen. I can write about the first-hand benefits of seeking treatment in a relatable, empathetic, and ethical manner,” Ashley said. “Social workers, therapists, and other mental health providers are held to a very high ethical standard. There are governing structures and guidelines that define not only how to work with and interact with clients, but how to showcase and market themselves and their businesses to the outside world,” she added.

Copy with Ashley offers a haven for mental health businesses, private practices and individual service providers seeking professional writing services. Ashley’s expertise lies in crafting empathetic and engaging copy optimized for search engines, websites, blogs, emails and newsletters. Her services are tailored to help counselors, therapists and coaches identify and hone their niche, define their purpose and vision, and establish an online presence that draws in their ideal clientele.

Through education and empowerment, Ashley aims to equip her clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for ethical marketing and copywriting success. She firmly believes that by guiding her clients through the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan complemented by expertly crafted copy, mental health businesses can flourish. 

The journey begins with a thorough exploration of the business’s mission, vision, goals, messaging, ideal clientele, specializations, and unique clinical approach. This foundation serves as the backbone for the rest of the marketing process. Then, working in partnership, Ashley crafts the words that will shape the business’s online presence, from website copy to branding and aesthetics. She also lays the foundation for SEO strategies from the start and educates her clients on the long-term strategy for organic growth.

Copy with Ashley caters to mental health businesses in need of a boost to their online marketing efforts. Ashley partners with driven entrepreneurs looking to launch, expand, re-invent or improve their marketing strategies. Her perfect client has a clear vision for their future but is seeking a helping hand to achieve it. She relishes the opportunity to work with private group practices, therapy agencies, psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, and holistic wellness providers. “As a fellow mental health business owner, I empower my clients to visualize their mission, goals, and future plans far beyond what they can see at the time. The benefits of having someone else on their team who deeply relates and understands is invaluable,” she said.

Overall, Ashley’s innovative approach to marketing and copywriting for mental health professionals not only benefits her clients but also enables them to expand their reach and assist more individuals on their journey toward healing, growth and success.

Check out Ashley Darnall’s website or Instagram for more information.

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