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Ashley M. Scott, Child Care Expert, Launches New Children’s Book, Zoey Goes to the Zoo

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Ashley M. Scott is a passionate supporter of education for children and wears many hats in this field. As a child specialist, she owns and manages Oxford Learning Academy, a preschool that provides a unique, data-driven approach to child development, incorporating global culture and parental involvement. 

Ashley also oversees Creative Mind Inc., a non-profit organization that offers innovative educational programming for children and families, as well as grant writing and scholarship opportunities for teachers, parents, and college students.

But Ashley’s latest accomplishment is her new children’s book, Zoey Goes to the Zoo. Published by Arch Readers, the book encourages young readers and is an exciting addition to Ashley’s extensive work in the education field.

Ashley’s enthusiasm for her career in education began over sixteen years ago when she prepared a business plan for daycare, which was her dream at the time. The eye-opening experience motivated the young educator to follow her aspirations even further. She subsequently pursued a career in school administration and teaching, earning several certifications and degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and a Master’s in Criminal Justice.

Ashley’s impact on education has been exponential, with Oxford Learning Academy benefiting from her innovative approach to child development. Her extensive grant writing experience has also been invaluable, with over $60 million in grant money secured for businesses and nonprofits, supporting student achievement and the most vulnerable students in Title I schools. 

Ashley’s tireless work in providing learning opportunities and educational material for vulnerable students is a dream come true for many. Her organization, Creative Mind Inc., has stepped up to provide much-needed resources for the community, but Ashley’s work goes above and beyond in servicing eager students across the state.

Moreover, Ashley’s work extends beyond her own businesses, as she collaborates with nonprofits and corporations to create projects that have a positive impact on children from birth to 18 years old.

Her new children’s book, Zoey Goes to the Zoo, is another exciting addition to her already impressive portfolio. This charming book takes young readers on a fun-filled journey to the zoo with Zoey, a curious and adventurous young girl. The story is beautifully illustrated and engages children in a delightful way. Additionally, Ashley has created a coloring book and workbook to complement the main story, providing further educational opportunities for children.

Ashley’s dedication to education has been recognized by her peers, as she serves on the Take Stock In Children Advisory Board, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, and Florida State University’s Educator Preparation Advisory Board. 

As Ashley M. Scott continues to make a positive impact on education, it is evident that her passion for helping children reach their full potential is unwavering, and serves as a stellar inspiration for fellow teachers and educators-at-heart. Her efforts to promote literacy and foster a love for learning will undoubtedly benefit generations to come. Zoey Goes to the Zoo is just one of many examples of Ashley’s dedication to education, and it is exciting to see what the visionary teacher will accomplish next.

Check out her new children’s book and other products:

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