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Ask Shonda Of Hustlers Expo Provides A Platform for Black-owned Small Businesses To Secure Entrepreneurial Success

LaShonda Johnson is better known as Ask Shonda of Today, she is establishing a new venture as Ask Shonda of Hustlers Expo. The entrepreneur knows firsthand the difficulties of launching a start-up business. Her hair company, 360impressionz LLC, flopped due to the inherent challenges of executing one’s vision. Instead of feeling down about her brush with failure, Ask Shonda drew on the valuable lessons the experience taught her.

Realizing the crucial role of a mentor in any enterprise, Johnson created Ask Shonda to help others avoid the mistakes she made. Her goal is to help clients connect with a mentor who has walked the path they are on and will lead the way. To better serve up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Ask Shonda developed a wide range of skills. In addition to her business consultant role, she is also a graphic designer, brand builder, and start-up mentor for online and offline businesses. From her reputation as the ultimate hustler, Ask Shonda started Hustlers Expo.

Building, branding, and educating on credit history are Ask Shonda’s primary tools for creating jobs for her community. Small business owners often struggle with securing credit lines or loan approval. Given the high costs associated with opening a storefront or office space, Ask Shonda’s Hustlers Expo Events provides a temporary setting for start-ups. Because Ask Shonda does not require any contract, rent, or utility contributions, micro-entrepreneurs can focus on testing the market or their product releases.

As a team, Hustlers Expo brings together small business owners through pop-up shop events. Hopping from one city to the next, the company helps Black entrepreneurs establish relationships, build a network, and grow organic traffic and followers. Ask Shonda of Hustlers Expo creates an impact everywhere she goes. She is introducing an alternative platform for brands to gain exposure to new customers and increase sales. “Social media plays a huge part in most big and small companies, but social media is not the only way to bring awareness to your small business,” explains Ask Shonda.

By bringing together 20 to 40 small Black-owned businesses together in one venue, Ask Shonda of Hustlers Expo gives voice to a historically underrepresented group. These entrepreneurs empower each other through mutual support. The foundation of a community is especially effective in raising the spirit of these passionate individuals who were once on the brink of giving up.

Hustlers Expo is the premier event for rising entrepreneurs to display their talents, services, and products. These business owners further benefit from ongoing promotions. Intending to provide long-term visibility to her partner vendors, Hustlers Expo will keep featuring its photos, videos, and other promotional materials on its website and social media pages. To maximize her positive impact, Ask Shonda has grand plans of expanding the expo. It won’t be long before she organizes multiple pop-up shop events in different cities simultaneously.

For more information, you may visit Ask Shonda’s Hustlers Expo website.

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