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Aspiring Model Sky Rose Building a Name and Forging a Path for Herself and Career

Having a dream is not often enough. One needs the willingness to follow through with that dream and the resources and adequate support to bring the dream to fruition. Aspiring Model Sky Rose is leveraging all the support around her as she begins to take active steps on building her brand and career.

Sky Rose comes from Lowell, Massachusetts, and is passionate about building her career and her other passions in the entertainment industry. Her romance with local rapper Hitta Castro is another highlight of her life she’d like to make the most out of as she builds a name for herself while working with her lover on different entertainment ventures.

The journey for Sky Rose into the modeling world has been natural and entirely organic. She has been involved in numerous photoshoots and never misses the opportunity to showcase herself on her social media feeds, especially Instagram. She also makes music and works as a nurse when not taking pictures for modeling shoots or creating music. The Puerto Rican-Italian has also created content for Facebook and TikTok that have gone viral and earned her some followers on those platforms. Now, her focus is on building a solid brand with her boyfriend as they show the world that two people in love can achieve their dreams with profound support for each other.

Sky Rose’s primary focus is on her career and making sure it lifts off, and once that happens for her, she hopes her relationship with Hitta Castro catches people’s attention and inspires them to believe in love. As a couple that enjoys traveling, working, and doing things together, Sky Rose is confident that she has a lot of entertaining content to put out this year and hopes to evoke positive feelings in her audience.

Outside music and modeling, Sky Rose is passionate about lifestyle and charity. She plans to showcase her day-to-day activities, covering her modeling, cooking, charity, music, and a host of other things. Over the next few years, she sees herself becoming successful with her man, Hitta Castro, and making major moves as a celebrity couple. “I’m trying to set the narrative for us by showing the world that we’re young, growing, and ready to go all the way to achieve our dreams. Love is beautiful, and we want to show that beauty to as many people as possible and inspire them to keep pursuing the things they want. If we can get it right, then any other young person or couple can do the same,” Sky Love said.

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