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Attenzione Pickpocket! Tourism Expert Steven Garcia Explains How to Keep Your Belongings Safe on Vacation

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Picture this: A seasoned traveler, fresh off the plane, steps into the vibrant streets of a major city. Eager to soak in the sights, they’re blissfully unaware of the silent threat lurking in the crowded sidewalks – the stealthy pickpocket. This scenario is all too familiar and has become a rising concern for tourists worldwide.

Year after year, as the holiday season rolls in, cities worldwide see a surge in tourism. However, this influx of visitors also means an increase in opportunistic thefts. With their swift and subtle techniques, pickpockets have been known to target unsuspecting tourists, capitalizing on their distraction and unfamiliarity with the surroundings.

Steven Garcia, an acclaimed multi-city and country tourism expert and founder of Empire Tours and Productions, has witnessed this alarming trend firsthand. He emphasizes that while the thrill of exploring a new city is undeniable, it’s equally important to stay vigilant and informed.

According to Steven Garcia, the key to enjoying a hassle-free vacation lies not just in planning the perfect itinerary but also in understanding how to protect oneself from potential threats like pickpockets.

“Awareness and preparation can make the difference between a memorable vacation and a regrettable experience,” he says.

One of the biggest hotspots for theft is airports since navigating their complex halls, and terminals can be challenging even for the most experienced travelers. Amidst the airport noise, it’s easy to let one’s guard down. From luggage getting swiped off conveyor belts to distraction scams at security points, thieves have developed an array of methods to part travelers from their precious belongings.

Here, Garcia advises adopting a proactive approach. “Use luggage locks and opt for hard-shell cases that are harder to break into. Also, never take your eyes off the luggage. If someone’s overly helpful or there’s sudden commotion, this could be a ruse to divert your attention.”

But, once one has reached their hotel safely and secured their belongings, the journey is far from over. The bustling streets and crowded tourist spots are the perfect terrain for pickpockets who often work in pairs and groups, yet again using the art of distraction to their advantage while their thieving, nimble fingers work stealthily.

To outsmart them, Steven Garcia recommends wearing money belts and distributing money in various places instead of keeping all cash and cards in one wallet. “Avoid displaying any wealth or important documents openly. This is like sending an open invitation,” he cautions.

But it’s not just about where money is kept, but also about how travelers carry themselves. When it comes to Garcia’s specialty, walking tours, he underscores the importance of staying alert. Assertive body language and maintaining awareness of one’s surroundings can significantly reduce the chances of becoming a target. “Pickpockets are always on the lookout for easy targets. Don’t be one,” asserts Garcia.

Garcia encourages visitors to always explore unknown cities with a guided walking tour before venturing out on their own. “I always suggest doing a guided tour on your first day in the city. Then, you can go back and explore the neighborhoods after you’ve had a bit to look around. Tour guides can also give good up-to-date advice on what else to see and best places to eat. And answer any other questions you may have.”

Personal belongings should always remain close and in sight and never be left hanging on the ground or perched on a chair or a wall while listening to a guide’s explanation. 

Lastly, Garcia reminds us that it’s okay to say ‘no’. Whether it’s a persistent street vendor or an individual who seems too eager to help, prioritizing safety over politeness should be imperative.

Every traveler knows that the real essence of travel is not just in the destinations explored but also in the experiences amassed – both good and bad. But, while packing the bags for the next adventure, one should always keep in mind that the perfect vacation should be about unique cultures and delicious cuisines – not the distress of having one’s belongings stolen.

That’s why, to get the most out of the travel experience, people must be prepared and always stay one step ahead of any threats. As Garcia says, “The best defense is always a good offense. Travel is about freedom and exploration, so we shouldn’t let the fear of pickpockets steal that joy.”

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